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Joseph Yost is Toast: So He Runs and Hides from Don Langrehr–Again!


Meet the only credible candidate for the 12th District House of Delegates seat, Don Langrehr (see the adjacent photograph). His opponent, Joseph Yost, is out of his league. In the race to replace Democrat Jim Shuler, Democratic Blacksburg Town Councilman, Langrehr, towers over neophyte Republican (puppet) Joseph Yost, in experience, accomplishment, knowledge of the issues, understanding how government works, and grasping what government can and cannot do. Yost apparently realizes he’s in over his head, so last night he was a no-show at a candidate forum, AGAIN. At what point should he just acknowledge he cannot cut it and resign from the race? And why are Republicans endorsing and heavily funding a nobody so the nobody can learn politics in House of Delegates.  Please do not insult the voters!

Two-term Blacksburg Town Councilman, Don Langrehr, is a superb candidate, who is experienced, genuine, and eloquent. Jim Shuler has said Langrehr has a record of honesty, transparency and accountability. Langrehr has also been endorsed by Senator Jim Webb, Senator Mark Warner, and former Governor Tim Kaine. He’s been endorsed by the Sierra Club and labor organizations (LiUNA and VEA) as well.  

A Radford University Professor, Blacksburg resident, and member of Town Council, Langrehr has worked with the progressive team on Council to bring good-paying middle class jobs to our town–hundreds of them and tens of millions in development dollars. What’s most impressive is that Don and the progressive majority on council work to retain the character of the town and maintain and improve the environmental quality –all the while growing jobs via smart growth. Republicans would have you believe it cannot be done, that growth and caring about the community in which the jobs are cultivated are mutually exclusive. They have not watched what is happening in Blacksburg, which CNN and Forbes have said is one of the best small towns in the nation to start a business.

Contrast Langrehr to the ignorant Joseph Yost, a  Young Republican for only two years, only three years out of his undergraduate program at Radford University. But most amazing is the fact that this puppet candidate, Yost, is so utterly incompetent he cannot handle a simple political event. See the article by Paba earlier this week concerning the source(s) of Yost’s funding here.

Here are a couple of nuggets from Yost’s website, where he spends more time telling us about his ancestors (what’s up with that?) than he does about himself.

Joseph is working to become increasingly involved in community organizations and services.  He currently volunteers as a historical interpreter for Historic Smithfield Plantation and serves as a Board Member on the Montgomery Branch of the Association of the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA). He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution: The Fincastle Resolutions Chapter and also serves as a board member on the New River Community Corrections and Pretrial Services’ Community Criminal Justice Board.

And then there is this… 


Joseph is a dedicated Republican and has been an active member of the Montgomery County Republican Party since 2009…He was recently elected as Chair of the Roanoke/New River Valley Young Republicans.    

Wow!  Since 2009, for two whole years, he’s been active in the GOP. And in the community, he is “working to become increasingly involved” …for three years following graduation. [Aside: I invite you to unpack that list.  Being a “Son of the American Revolution” is a qualification for higher office? Or is there a message between the lines?] I hope he follows through on his community service. I really do. But let’s see an actual track record (beyond resume building) when he has one. Joseph Yost hasn’t earned a nomination for the House of Delegates, much less an election to that body. Having only recently become president of the Roanoke area Young Republicans, he’s barely even led them. Yet Yost pretends he’s ready for prime time. It’s one more example of overly ambitious candidate whose reach exceeds his grasp.    

There is only one qualified candidate in this 12th District race. Don Langrehr isn’t beginning to try to be involved in our community.  He’s been here making a positive difference for years. He knows this area.  He knows the workings of government, including Virginia’s General Assembly. He knows the issues. He’s already demonstrated effective leadership in public office. And he’s EARNED our support. Joseph Yost has not.