Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Video: Arlington County Board Democratic Debate; Election Next Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Here's some video from last night's Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) debate, with four candidates - Erik Gutshall (who I've endorsed), Vivek Patil, Peter...

Video: Michael Pope Moderates Arlington Young Dems County Board Debate

Great job last night by the Arlington Young Democrats in organizing the well-run, well-moderated (by Virginia Public Radio's Mmmmmichael Pope) Arlington County Board Democratic...

Video: Del. Alfonso Lopez’s Straw Poll Results, Speeches from Candidates for...

First, here are the straw poll results from tonight's campaign kickoff for Del. Alfonso Lopez: GOVERNOR -- Ralph Northam 67.5%-Tom Perriello 32.5% LT. GOVERNOR...

Blue Virginia Q&A: Peter Fallon for Arlington County Board

On May 19, I sent all four Democratic Arlington County Board candidates Blue Virginia Qs & As and asked for responses by April 5....

Do Arlington Board Candidates Only Like Smart Growth in Theory?

UPDATE 1/10: Read more on the positions of Melissa Bondi, Libby Garvey & Kim Klingler on these issues in their Greater Greater Washington questionnaire responses (Peter Fallon & Terron Sims did not respond).

Every Democratic candidate running for Arlington County Board claims to support smart growth. But when smart growth runs up against single-family homeowners' interests, are they willing to make tough choices? At a recent forum, statements from most candidates weren't promising.

The board has an open seat since Barbara Favola was elected to the state senate in November. Arlington Democrats will select a party nominee (who's almost certain to then win the official special election) at 2 caucuses on Thursday, January 19th and Saturday, January 21.

Wednesday night, the Arlington County Democratic Committee hosted a forum with the candidates. The forum spotlighted the paradoxical views of Arlington Democratic voters: They want candidates to express concern about things like smart growth, affordable housing, and transportation, but may be reluctant to support the density increases, transit projects or higher taxes to pay for affordable housing programs that may actually deliver it.

Blue Virginia’s Arlington County Board Interviews: Peter Fallon

Arlington is gearing up for a special election to replace Senator-elect Barbara Favola on the County Board, with the caucus dates now set for 2/2 and 2/4 (at the NRECA Building and Kenmore Middle School, respectively), and with numerous candidates announcing at this past Wednesday's ACDC meeting (see videos of their speeches here). I recently sent out questionnaires to all the announced Democratic candidates, with a deadline of this morning. The first interview, with Elmer Lowe, is available here. The second interview, with Melissa Bondi, is available here, and the third interview, with Terron Sims, is available here. The fourth interview, received a bit after the deadline, was with Kim Klingler. The fifth interview, also received a bit after the deadline, is with Libby Garvey (see here). The final interview, which you can read below, is with Peter Fallon, a bit past the "early Monday" deadline. Thanks to Mr. Lowe, Ms. Bondi, Mr. Sims, Ms. Klingler, Ms. Garvey, and Mr. Fallon for returning their Blue Virginia surveys (and to the first three for returning them on time). May the best candidate win!

1. Why are you running for Arlington County Board and what makes you the most qualified candidate at this time?
I am running to continue Arlington's tradition of good government built upon qualified candidates with years of broad-based community experience, strong record of commitment to local public service, while embracing Arlington's community values.

Local issues have always been important to me, and over the past 20 years I've devoted thousands of hours to a broad range of issues in Arlington.  These issues have included schools, transportation, zoning, parks and recreation, fiscal management, and public safety among others.  The Code of Virginia requires that every town, city and county have a planning commission to advise it on these matters.  

Arlington County Board Race Kicks Off with Early Endorsement


With Senator-elect Barbara Favola set to head to Richmond, the Democratic primary race in the special election to fill her Arlington County Board seat is quickly heating up. Already announced:

  • Melissa Bondi, community activist on issues including affordable housing & smart growth
  • Terron Sims, active in veterans issues and a former school board candidate

Among those rumored to be considering a run:

  • Peter Fallon, Arlington Planning Commission member
  • Libby Garvey, school board member and most recently a candidate in the 30th state senate district Democratic primary
  • Kim Klingler, civic activist and health care consultant
  • Stacey Whyte, Arlington Heights Civic Association president

So far, the biggest news in the campaign has been Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) already endorsing Sims. To state the obvious, Jim Moran has been working his tail off for Northern Virginia since before your humble blogger was born and he does not need my or anyone else's permission to endorse whomever he pleases. But in conversations with Arlington progressive activists, I'm hearing less enthusiasm for this endorsement than I am questions about why Rep. Moran would not only take sides in a local Democratic primary, but do so even before the full field comes into focus.