Saturday, January 16, 2021
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VA Dems: Require Transparent Utility Modeling for Faster Renewables Deployment

Adapted from an article in PV Magazine USA; reprinted by permission. - Will Driscoll Given the low prices for solar, wind and storage, honest computer...

How Can Anyone Take Seriously What Bob Goodlatte Says?

Today, Bob Goodlatte tweeted this: "The truth IS best served with transparency. What is Director Comey trying to hide from the American people with his baseless...

Sunshine Week Transparency

Crossposted at ProgressVA.

This week is Sunshine week, where we celebrate the Freedom of Information Act and transparent government. But it began with the disturbing news that the study of uranium mining in Pittsylvania will not be subject to public scrutiny and "many of its papers [will be kept] secret". This study will be used to determine how to regulate potential uranium mining. The outcome will have serious consequences for landowners, farmers, businesses, and water quality in the area. It is of vital importance that this study and the decisions that come from it are completely transparent. Without that transparency, the study will be difficult to trust and it will be impossible to understand how they made their decisions.

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