Thursday, April 2, 2020
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VA Dems: Require Transparent Utility Modeling for Faster Renewables Deployment

Adapted from an article in PV Magazine USA; reprinted by permission. - Will Driscoll Given the low prices for solar, wind and storage, honest computer...

The Confused Road of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in Virginia


I'd like to share with you another preposterous bill that passed both chambers of Virginia's General Assembly this session without much media attention or public outrage, that bill's name is SB 413/HB 1102 . Ever heard of it? No? That's okay, here's a quick rundown.

SB 413/HB 1102 weakens the already weak Renewable Portfolio Standard by allowing utilities to receive Renewable Portfolio Standard credit for, wait for it, research and development of renewable energy. Utilities don't have to actually generate renewable energy, just conduct "research and development." Don't you feel better about how your taxpaying dollars are being spent?

But wait, there's more. SB 413/HB 1102 also gives "double credit" to energy generated by burning animal waste. Anyone have any guesses on who influenced this outrageous section of this ridiculous bill?

If you would like to let your delegate or senator know how understandably outraged you are, please follow this link: http://www.chesapeakeclimate.o...