Friday, November 27, 2020
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Why Trumpists Don’t Mind — and Sometimes Believe — the Donald’s...

by Virginia Del. Mark Levine According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Donald Trump averaged one falsehood every 3 minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours...

Why Trump’s Lies and Transgressions Appeal to His Followers

Donald Trump breaks the rules. For his followers, that’s part of his appeal. Trump specializes in the lie. That, too, draws his followers to...

The Pathological Liar Ends as He Began, A Serial Liar (Who...

It's a really sad day when what used to be run-of-the-mill resume enhancement (pols bragging or exaggerating about their accomplishments), which was bad enough, has turned into pathological fiction spinning of the worse-than-G-W-Bush Willard Mitt Romney. Believe me, it gets old having to point out even more of Mitt Romney's lies. Note that hundreds more previously have been chronicled here

Worse than sad. Disgraceful. He casts himself as a religious man, but, where morality and truth-telling intersect, is a complete fraud. Bill Scher has an article listing and refuting the lies in Mitten's closing argument. Here are a few of Romney's false claims (asterisked in the blockquote) with Scher's counterpoint/correction immediately below the lie.

There's more below the fold...

Why Do Republicans (and the Corporate Media Who Love Them) Divert...

Joe Biden did a masterful job of pointing out the "malarkey" in Paul Ryan's tangled web of lies.  But predictably (you knew it would happen as soon as you saw the first laugh), the GOP has focused its attention on a negative frame.  The story they will tell is of "the mean, disrespectful" Joe Biden. Lowell wrote an excellent blog post about Matt Taibi's column explaining why it is necessary to disrespect attempts to deceive us. Bipartisanship amid this kind of deception is impossible and it would be wrong to pretend otherwise.  To pretend otherwise would be to collude with the deception.

There is a reason for the GOP response. They cannot win on the facts. They never could. They can only win if they use emotion. This is something we Dems are sometimes slow to accept. While pretending to be moved by logical argument, conservatives use only emotion and no logic, while demanding logic from others. Certainly, Dems could do a better job at blending emotional appeal with their argument. And Joe showed us how. It was real, not the sniveling pretense of Paul Ryan who, for example, claimed to protect Social Security while on record for wanting to privatize it. But more to the point, the way they use emotion is manipulative and personal. That is how they try to get to us.

The frame that the GOP uses is a frame which contends: 1) "Dems are not nice;" 2) the public must be made aware that "Dems aren't nice;" 3) Because "they are not nice," Dems must become self-hating and believers in the false equivalence myth the media creates; 4) Dems  must be made reluctant to stand up to lies and aggression by Republicans; 5) Independents must know "Dems aren't nice," 6) in the finale, pretend to be the guardians of bipartisanship. Do this last thing, even while killing bipartisanship at every turn. Don't worry about the quantum leaps necessary to make this contorted demonizing of Democrats. Have supporters ready to roll with this approach the minute they get the opportunity.

The End of Mitt Romney’s Quest for the Presidency and The...

As Lowell pointed out, President Obama says Mitt Romney owes the American people the truth in place of all the misrepresentations he (Romney) made at the debate last night. Indeed, the lies Mitt Romney presented to the American people are not just grounds for a correction. They require an apology. But more than that, the many lies disqualify Mitt Romney  from the presidency. His barrage of untruths was just shameful.

But those same lies also suggest it is time to end the farce of the so-called presidential debates, at least as they have been presented to us in recent years. Those in the know about debates (and as a former debater, I am one of them) have long questioned  whether the presidential debates are real debates. A craven, saber-rattling media makes the situation worse by craving "body blows," regardless of substance. And let's not forget their adoration of the horse race.  But these same media ignore that you cannot win by just firing off untruths. (Some of the fact checks are linked below the fold.) And these same media folks abrogated their responsibilities by pretending the debate was about those superficial elements.

At each four-year juncture, candidates through their representatives negotiate the terms, even down to who comes up on the stage first afterwards (the wives). But all the planning cannot account for a worthless moderator and a candidate who lies faster than anyone can write or type them. I started out ready to join in the fact checking.  But the speed with which Romney fabricated was just breathtaking. I gave up. Kudos to Lowell for getting some of the facts clarified. I hope the readers of BV understand just how dedicated Lowell is and has been. It is remarkable.  

Inconvenient Truths

Question: How do you know when Mitt Romeny is lying? Answer: When he opens his mouth.  Every time he talks, Mitt Romney digs himself into one hole after another. Like a worn cliché, he can't help himself. Such pathology makes the phoney "maverick," desperate 2008 candidate, and tireless serial trumped-up war-monger, John McCain, look like a truth-teller.  

But Mittens has a problem. With an improving economy underway, what's a liar like himself to do?  Tell GOPHERS to dummy up about the improving economy.  Think Progress has a story up about just that.  It seems Mittens has told Republican Governors not to talk about the improving economy.  He's not happy with such positive talk because it renders his bull what it is, a lie.

ThinkProgress cites a Bloomberg News article finding that the Romney campaign directly asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott do cool references to an improved Florida economy.  After all, that would render Mitt what he is-a liar.  Romney is also overplaying the portrayal of Iowa as struggling more than it is, much to the IW governor's chagrin.  But the word has apparently gone out that the governors and the Chamber of Commerce should be careful not to trumpet improving numbers.  Talk about no coattails for them!