Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Working Americans Getting the Short End of the Stick (My Most...

This piece has run in newspapers in my very red congressional district (VA-06). ***************************** Let me begin by citing a few facts to substantiate a statement...

The Report (Disproving Trickle Down Theory) Which the GOP Didn’t Want...


Now, they tell us!  Just a few days before the election (and after many people have already voted), we learn that the non-partisan Congressional Research Service provided a report in September which the GOP didn't want voters to know about. Indeed they badgered the Congressional Research Service until it pulled the report. But this past week the suppressed report reappeared.

You can find the complete report by going to the first link in the article at the NY Times linked above. The finding was that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of tirckle-down. Tax cuts for the rich do not stimulate the economy. Meanwhile, pretending tht they do has allowed taxes for the 1% to continue to drop over several decades while jobs continue to prove problematic. We have made that case before using other data, but this specifically addressed the proposition and its related variables. I will discuss this report and others more in the coming weeks as the House (if it is still Republican) will try once again  to usher in austerity even while making the rich richer with our money. Meanwhile, I wanted you to have it now.

The Mitt Romney Campaign and the campaigns of all the GOP sound-alikes continue to pitch trickle-down so-called economics.  Elect them, they tell you, and they will cut tax rates for the so-called job-creators, who it turns out aren't job creators.  You knew that.  I knew that.  But too many Americans still buy the economic porn of the Romney's. Check out this report.  Share the article with your friends.  Share other points about the stark choice we have.  It is this: Everyone paying their fair share or the 99% paying for the tax cuts to the rich.  If that were the only reason (and there are a hundred other reasons why to vote for the President), the President has earned your vote.