Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Rep. Gerry Connolly Bill to Give Feds a 2.6% Pay Increase...

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Virginia Elected Officials, Candidates Comment on Trump/GOP Government Shutdown

See below for comments by Virginia elected officials and candidates on the Trump/GOP government shutdown. As usual, Republicans prove that the party which doesn't...

Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Rips Trump’s “Good” Government Shutdown Threat

See below for video of Sen. Kaine speaking on the Senate floor earlier this afternoon about the Orange Gropenfuhrer's latest idiocy - tweeting that...

A Sign of the Times


How do you know for sure when your country and state are descending into idiocracy?  When your government starts misspelling the street signs.

Leesburg Pike is one of the longest and most prominent streets in Fairfax County.  It represents a major stretch of Route 7, which has its own insanely detailed Wikipedia page. And it's named for the largest incorporated town in Virginia - you guessed it, Leesburg.

So, it's not a name that you'd expect our government to muck up.  But the photographic evidence above suggests otherwise, on a portion of Route 7 in the Falls Church area near Seven Corners. Now apparently renamed "Leeseburg Pike." A block away from where Fairfax County is locating a new public school.

Education -- it's worth investing in!

Aneesh Chopra’s “Innovative State”: The Promise of Open-Source Government

Cross posted at Daily Kos

Had enough of the brain-dead "debate" over government in Washington?  Well, Aneesh Chopra -- President Obama's former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a 2013 candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor -- has some actual new ideas to offer.

In his new book, Innovative State, Chopra paints a picture of government on the model of a sleek, high tech startup, engaging citizens and solving problems by opening access to information and finding innovative new ways to meet our highest goals.

Progressives recognize the need for government to help citizens build and maintain a civilized society.  But to be effective, we have to push our governments to keep up with the speed, efficiency and challenges of the Internet Era.  As Chopra puts it:

Americans have always understood that government is not some sacred entity with which the people should not tamper.  It is a tool.  Like other tools, it needs to be revised and upgraded to remain useful.

As he notes, America's founders junked their first attempt at self-government -- the Articles of Confederation -- after only 8 years when it proved inadequate.  Why cling to outdated and inadequate government models today?

Republican Intellectual Incoherence on Full Display


So, let's get this straight: this is "all about jobs," even though Republicans shutting down the government will cause hundreds of thousands of federal workers to be furloughed, will harm the economic recovery, and will cause jobs to be lost. Also, this is simultaneously "all about jobs" but also about "important policy riders" like funding for women's health services through Planned Parenthood -- a miniscule amount of money, by the way, with almost none of that money going towards abortion services. How does any of that have anything to do with "jobs?" Who the heck knows. Finally, how does cutting non-defense discretionary spending, which makes up a tiny portion of the federal budget and which has NOTHING to do with the long-term, structural deficit, have anything to do with "jobs?" Answer: it doesn't have anything to do with jobs. Period.

The utter intellectual incoherence of the Republican't Party and its affiliated Tea Partier wingnut wing on full display for all to see. What a sight to behold, huh?

Rep. Moran: Shutdown Will Seriously Harm Local Economy

Republicans and their Tea Party allies can applaud a government shutdown and think it's a fun way to push their extreme ideology, but in the end, a lot of people are going to get hurt by their irresponsibility. Over at ArlNow, Rep. Jim Moran explains how a Teapublican government shutdown will harm northern Virginia:
...A shutdown could last several weeks and have a "severe impact" on the local economy, Moran warned.

"This is very, very, serious," Moran said. "Federal employees need to understand that this is not 1995, when we closed down... and [employees] were fully reimbursed."

"About a million federal employees will not be working, and it is highly unlikely they will ever be reimbursed," Moran continued. "Not only is this going to hurt the overall economy in the metropolitan Washington area that I represent, but it is going to have a very severe impact on employee's abilities to make their mortgage payments, their car payments, etc."

"Every private sector element in my district's economy is going to be adversely affected," Moran added.

So there you have it; Republicans playing Russian Roulette with the country's finances, with the nation's fragile economic recovery, and with the lives (and finances) of hundreds of thousands of federal workers and their families. They must be so proud of themselves, especially when Democrats have already agreed to their initial (prior to a Tea Party rebellion) target for cuts to the budget in the current fiscal year. Vandals? Huns? Visigoths? What's the appropriate historical analogue to today's Republican Party?

P.S. I presume that Bob McDonnell is busy urging his Republican Party colleagues in Congress not to harm Virginia's economy? Right?!?

UPDATE: Rep. Moran will be holding an emergency meeting from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at Francis C Hammond Middle School in Alexandria (4646 Seminary Road).

UPDATE #2: Of course, House Republicans will make sure that THEY get paid! Unbelievable. Total hypocrisy.