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Should DPVA Leadership Lobby for Corporate Interests?

By Josh Stanfield of Activate Virginia For decades now, it’s been illegal for “the chairman or any full-time paid employee of a state political party...or...

The Democratic Party of Virginia Uses the “B” Word

The official Twitter feed of the Democratic Party of Virginia has just accused the Republican Party of Virginia of bribing a Democratic State Senator in order to block Medicaid expansion.  These are very strong words: bribery is a crime.  In fact, bribery is two crimes--when a bribe is offered or paid both the person offering the bribe and the person accepting the bribe are potentially guilty of bribery.

The principals in this case are State Delegate Terry Kilgore (R) and State Senator Phil Puckett (D).  News reports are alleging that Kilgore arranged a cushy, highly-compensated job for Puckett at Virginia's Tobacco Commission in exchange for Puckett's agreeing to resign and tip control of Virginia's state senate to the Republican Party of Virginia's control.  You can read more at these links: