Friday, February 21, 2020
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Obama and energy – the lack of a real policy

It is a Saturday morning.   The school year is now official 3/4 complete.  Normally I would write something about school, about students, about teaching.  But this morning I read Derrick Jackson's column in the Boston Globe, It's still oil and nuclear power for Obama, and found my mind occupied by thoughts flowing from reading it.  The subtitle read "US sits idly by as other nations heavily invest in renewable power" and that perhaps explains why my mind is so occupied.

Others here are far more knowledgeable than am I on energy issues.  People like A Siegel, Jerome a Paris and Meteor Blades have been on this topic since before the first Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas in 2006.  

This is an issue as important as any we face.   It certainly connects with my concerns about public education.

So this morning I find myself impelled to bring attention to Jackson's op ed, to explore the related issues, and if possible to make an argument as broadly as possible about why an appropriate national energy policy is of immediate and critical necessity.  

. . . the American Dream is still a restless night

Consider this data from a study by Brandeis University's Institute on Assets and Social Policy, of the median wealth, not including home equity, of white families versus black families:

in 1984, Whites -  22,000   Blacks - 2,000    difference  20,000

in 2007, Whites - 100,000   Blacks - 5,000    difference  95,000

(the figures are from a study by the Urban Institute)

Or as Derrick Jackson puts in, in an op ed titled An elusive payoff (subtitled "Gains elsewhere belie a wealth gap for black families"),

The study said the gap in 1984 amounted to a couple years of public college tuition. Today, the gap would fund "full tuition at a four-year public university for two children, plus tuition at a public medical school."