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MetLife Hit with $50 Million Suit Alleging Failure to Pay Overtime

SPONSORED CONTENT Peter Tragos is a Florida based attorney who specializes in criminal, personal injury, and medical malpractice. An amended complaint has been filed against MetLife,...

New Study Finds Florida First in Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

SPONSORED CONTENT By Sean Domnick, a personal injury attorney based in Florida who specializes in Catastrophic Injuries and Medical Malpractice.  Tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts...

Video: In Miami, Tim Kaine Calls On Voters to Register and...

Tim Kaine's been super busy in key swing states, and will continue to be for the next three weeks no doubt. See the video,...

James Madison University’s and Virginia’s Shame

140619 JMUTonight was WHSV's third installment in a series indicting the James Madison University Administration for failing to take sexual assault seriously. Apparently the McAuliffe Administration fails to recognize the malfeasance that is evident or suffers the same hope that this will simply be forgotten. Suspend and investigate the administrators now!

There is actually much more to be concerned about. Apparently Alger and his crew are completely unfamiliar with the characteristics and behaviors of sexual predators. Generally predators are serial violators. And when allowed to escape appropriate punishment are emboldened to continue, armed with more knowledge of the processes that might result in their apprehension. Predators are stalkers and sociopaths. If the JMU administrators believe that this was just a misunderstanding among friends who had too much to drink, then they are unqualified to protect the students in their charge. In fact, the behavior of those three men typifies that of a stalker who lays in wait for such an opportunity to present itself. It is very unlikely that this was their first or last such behavior. Every indication is that these men should be registered sex-offenders for the good of any community in which they reside. But JMU decided it is fine that they remain on campus despite the threat they present.

...with this verdict, myself, along with all the other females in the student body are torn down enormously. As a senior about to graduate in a few short weeks, I feel as though my last year has been tainted. I do not want to share a diploma with these three boys. I do not want to tell people I graduated from a school that thinks sexual assault and sexual harassment are acceptable. - excerpt from a letter to President Alger from a party to the school's investigation

Below the fold is the full letter to JMU President Alger from a friend of the victim that expresses frustration that the sexual assault of a student was taken so casually and dealt with so lightly. Like JMU advertises, "It's all about relationships."

There is an online petition demanding justice for the victim at change.org.

James Madison University Administration #Fail

JMU Code of Conduct photo 140618JMUSexualAssault_zpsdc24a39a.jpgLess than two weeks ago Senator Mark Warner was asked a question about how to address sexual violence against women on campus. He pointed to the Administrations as the place where a culture that enforces appropriate behavior begins. A WHSV report does not reflect well on JMU's.

In the first of a three part series that began airing last night and continues tonight and tomorrow, a former JMU student tells her story of assault at the hands of three other JMU students while on Spring break in Florida. These were men that she considered her friends and whose video of the assault filtered through the internet before she was fully aware of what happened.

"I'm clearly like not really able to defend myself or fight them off," said Butters, "We were in an enclosed bathroom. It was three of them surrounding me and none of them thought they were doing anything wrong."

But the Administration was slow to act. The event occurred in March 2013 and was reported but the case did not seem to gain any attention until last fall. By the time the three members of the JMU Sigma Chi fraternity were admonished, they had earned their degrees and were allowed to graduate.

Their punishment: expelled upon graduation; not allowed to walk at graduation or allowed back on campus ... but graduated nonetheless.

This ball is not in Senator Warner's court now. This hot potato is Governor McAuliffe's. It is time for him to expel some of the administrators at JMU.  

Innovative Voter Suppression: 3PVRO

In Florida, you must register to register persons to vote unless they are immediate family or you work for the state. It is more difficult to register voters there than it is to get a concealed carry permit in Virginia. McDonnell is missing the boat on the voter ID veto.

As indicated last week, the voter ID bill that the Governor seems intent to allow to go into law without his signature is unimaginative child's play on the part of Virginia Republicans. In Florida, other than the two exceptions, anyone who solicits or collects any voter registration application is or is an agent of a Third-Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO). Some specific responsibilities of 3PVROs:

  • Timely submit all voter registration applications collected, including incomplete applications
  • Serve as a fiduciary for the applicants from which it collects voter registration applications
  • Ensure its assigned ID # is on any voter registration application
  • Keep its registration and registration agents' information updated within 10 days of any change
  • File monthly reports on Form DS-DE 123 no later than the 10th of each month reflecting an accounting of all registration forms it provided to and received from its registration agents during the preceding month
So why, in a year that he could be on the Republican national ticket, McDonnell even hesitates is the bigger question. And the biggest question of all is why, if he is the leader of the state party, he cannot manage to influence his own party members in the legislature to let go of this voter ID nonsense. Next year, he and his could ramp up suppression so much more effectively following Florida's (and ALEC's?) lead.  

Koch Buying Higher Ed Faculty and Hiring/Firing, Evaluation and Promotion Rights

Don't look now, but higher education is not only on the decline, but also even more of a commodity to be bought and sold by the business elite than previously thought. Those of us who love our alma maters and those who understand the necessity of great academic institutions, take heed. The clock is running out on higher education. And it is not just because higher education-for-profit has siphoned off half of the federal funding for higher education tuition grants, though that is bad enough. Now at Florida State University, Charles Koch did one better. He bought decision-making ability in the economics department at FSU.  The St Petersburg Times reports:

A foundation bankrolled by Libertarian businessman Charles G. Koch has pledged $1.5 million for positions in Florida State University's economics department. In return, his representatives get to screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting "political economy and free enterprise."

Yes THAT Charles Koch. You know the Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, and wrong-wing "think tank" propagandist, winger funder and freeper, who disdains all things democratic with both a little and small d. It is his movement which dictates the policies and actions of the infamous governors now assaulting the states of WI, MI, OH, FL, and many others.  They're so extreme that voters have forgotten how extreme our own governor is.  (Hint: He applauded Gov. Scott Walker in WI).  But there is more...