Sunday, June 13, 2021
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DLCC Launches New @DLCCPress Twitter Account, Virginia GOP Hall of Shame

From the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC): DLCC Launches Press Twitter, Virginia GOP Hall of Shame Promoted digital projects will hold Republicans accountable for their right-wing...

Video: Coming Out of Crime Commission Meeting, Virginia Republican Senators, Delegates...

The following videos, of Republican State Senators and Delegates walking out of the Virginia Crime Commission meeting yesterday, are all very telling (note: videos...

New Data On Medicaid Expansion Reveals Just How Cruel Virginia Republicans...

From the Democratic Party of Virginia: New Data On Medicaid Expansion Reveals Just How Cruel Virginia Republicans Were To Oppose It Richmond, VA – Virginia Democrats successfully campaigned on a...

Larry Barnett Is Ready to Represent Virginia’s 27th District

by Sandsva Larry Barnett knows a great deal about public and community service. After spending more than 30 years serving Chesterfield County through its Department...

Polls Are Closed: Election Results Open Thread

The polls are now closed in the 26th House of Delegates district and the 27th House of Delegates district.  Please feel free to use this as an open thread, and let's hope for huge upset victories by Kai Degner and William P. "Bill" Brown.

UPDATE: Well, so much for the 27th district, where Roxann Robinson has won easily.  With 19 of 20 precincts reporting, it's Robinson 2,914 (71.59%) vs. Brown 1,156 (28.40%).

UPDATE #2: With 6 of 21 precincts reporting in the 26th district, it's Degner 2,041 (47.83%)-Wilt 1,991 (46.66%).

UPDATE #3: So much for the 26th district.  With 17 of 21 precincts reporting, it's Wilt 5,508 (64.09%)-Degner 2,714 (31.58%).  Bummer.

UPDATE #4: Ben Tribbett does what he does best, analyzing last night's election results.  The conclusion? In the 26th district, "In a best case, dream scenario- where Democrats turned out every single voter who showed up in the Obama-Clinton primary in the 26th District- they still fall over 2,000 votes short to the Republican candidate." And in the 27th, "Not only was this race winnable, but had Democrats been successful in even getting half of their primary voters back to the polls, they would have won in a landslide."  Click here to read more about why Democrats put resources into the 26th and not the 27th.