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Larry Barnett Is Ready to Represent Virginia’s 27th District


by Sandsva

Larry Barnett knows a great deal about public and community service. After spending more than 30 years serving Chesterfield County through its Department of Mental Health, Larry recently retired from his formal duties as the Director of adult mental health, access, and emergency services. However, he continues his work with first responders in the area, especially police, educating them on Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) – how to react to and work effectively with citizens who have mental health challenges. His work with CIT is evidence of his strong collegial nature. He is a person who relishes working with groups to improve the lives of others. When Larry learned that he lives in one of the Virginia House of Delegate districts in which the incumbent would be unopposed in the November election, he decided to run for Delegate in the 27th District in Chesterfield.

The 27th has been represented by Republican Roxann Robinson since 2010. During the most recent session of the General Assembly, she, for the second year in a row, sponsored a bill in favor of hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) that would have prohibited the public from accessing information regarding the amount or concentration of toxic chemicals or ingredients pumped into the ground. Her bill failed to pass both times. Larry sees that type of legislation as blocking transparency in government, and, as a self-described “science nerd,” he knows well the detrimental effects that fracking will have all over the Commonwealth, for citizens and the environment. Larry is also concerned about the risk of contamination from coal ash containment ponds in Chesterfield owned by Dominion Virginia Power. He favors research into and implementation of more innovative and sustainable forms of clean energy in Virginia, including solar and wind power.

Just as he has spent his professional career working to better the lives of others through his public service, Larry wants to continue working to serve the public as a Delegate.  He is engaged locally, and knows that running for office is the right thing for him to do. Since he formally announced his candidacy in late February, dozens of eager volunteers have offered their assistance to him, agreeing he is the right man for the job.

More on the Issues from Larry Barnett

  • The environment is of paramount importance to all Virginians, with so many beautiful state parks, waterways, and other natural settings that must be preserved and protected.  Care and good stewardship of our water, air and land are top priorities, and can never be compromised for corporate profit.
  • Public education is an essential cornerstone that serves as important foundation to local communities and society.  The government has an obligation to provide all children with a high-quality education and, therefore, must provide adequate funds and resources to our public schools.
  • Mental health treatment is a critical service across the Commonwealth, and is in need of significant improvement and adequate funding.  While more legislation was proposed this past general assembly session on mental health care than on any other issue, not one member of the Virginia Legislature is a mental health professional.
  • The accessibility of a legislator to his or her constituents is critical.  Being available and responsive to groups and individuals is the core duty and responsibility of all public servants.
  • The interest of democracy is best served when Virginia legislators work to increase voter eligibility and registration, not suppress it.
  • Redistricting responsibilities should be given to a non-partisan body.  The practice of gerrymandering by both parties in Virginia has resulted in questionable boundaries designed only to establish political advantage for those in power.  In the spirit of non-partisanship, gerrymandering needs to be eliminated, no matter which party benefits from it.

Why Larry Barnett?

The residents of the 27th District, all 80,000+ of them, need Larry Barnett in the House of Delegates. They need his leadership, his collaboration skills, his dedication, and his integrity. He is a man with the experience and determination to do what is right in the push for a healthy, safe and productive community for all of us. He knows that democracy is designed to give everyone a voice in how to best achieve the common good. He wants to ensure that every voice in our community is heard.

Larry Barnett and his wife, Pat, are long-time Chesterfield residents. Their daughter, Eileen, lives in Charlottesville and is pursuing a graduate degree in the mental health field. Larry is an avid musician and reader. He stays informed by seeking many sources of news across the political spectrum, including the New York Times, the BBC, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Virginia Public Access Project and, of course, the Daily Kos.

For more information: https://barnett4delegate.com/


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