Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Another Investigation Clears Mann


I fully realize that facts don't stop AG Ken Cuccinelli when he is on one of his politically motivated attacks, but there have now been at least five investigations so far of what the corporate media termed "climategate" and global warming deniers, including Cooch, jumped all over as proving that climate scientists manipulated their data. All of them have found that the scientists who had their emails hacked into and published did not use methods that were not scientifically sound and did not manipulate data.

Do I think that these investigations will cause Cooch to withdraw his over-reaching subpoena to the University of Virginia for everything produced by Dr. Michael Mann when he was employed there? Of course not. That would be a rational act.

The latest investigation is one commissioned by the University of East Anglia. The outside panel of scientists looked at more than two decades of research produced by researchers at East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit. It followed an earlier investigation at East Anglia that also cleared the unit. That panel, which issued its report in April, was headed by Ron Oxburgh, the former chair of the House of Lords science and technology committee.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the latest investigative panel said that the university researchers "didn't skew science to inflate evidence of man-made global warming, but it criticized them for not sharing data and, in one instance, for presenting information in a 'misleading' way."

Both of these reports follow an investigation by a House of Commons committee which reaffirmed the consensus that has emerged within the scientific community that human activity is a major cause of climate change.

Penn State University has also conducted two investigations.

Memo to Kookinelli: Mann Cleared of Allegations


I realize that Ken Cuccinelli is not the kind of Republican lawyer who can accept that a person who has been found innocent really IS innocent, but that notwithstanding, a Pennsylvania State University investigative committee has cleared Michael Mann of any ethical misconduct in connection with an exchange of e-mails about global warming.

Penn State launched its probe on Nov. 30, and it dismissed three of the allegations as "not credible."  It did examine whether Mann "seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research or other scholarly activities." It concluded that he had not.

So, exactly what grounds does Cuccinelli now plan on using to continue his witch hunt against Dr. Mann and global warming? If every investigation of Dr. Mann's research and methods shows absolutely no wrongdoing, I guess Cooch can insist that Dr. Mann might have committed fraud by daring to believe that his research showed that the planet is warming in part because of human activity.

Cooch and his ilk must believe that they have the direct ear of the Lord Almighty, so whatever he thinks has to be correct. Right?