Thursday, March 4, 2021
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If Marijuana is Legalized, How Will Drug Charges Be Affected?

SPONSORED CONTENT There’s no question that marijuana use is on the rise in the United States, thanks to many states legalizing its use. In fact,...

Who’s Liable for a Recalled Defective Product?

SPONSORED CONTENT It was in April of 2019 that Fisher-Price recalled their Rock N’ Play Sleeper, but it is still found in many daycare centers...

Is the Hemp Confusion Helping or Hurting Those Accused?

SPONSORED CONTENT Even though several states around the country have legalized recreational marijuana, they are still in the minority. In the majority of states, it...

What Injuries Are Linked to Vaping?

SPONSORED CONTENT Vaporizers and e-cigarettes containing both nicotine and cannabis oil first appeared on the market approximately ten years ago. It has not been until...

New York Children are Safer Thanks to New Laws

SPONSORED CONTENT Protecting our children is of imperative importance, and Governor Cuomo has recently recognized that with three new bills. All of the laws place...

Citations Increase After New Hands-Free Driving Law Goes Into Effect

SPONSORED CONTENT Just over a year since Georgia’s hands-free law went into effect and already, the number of tickets issued for violating the offense has...

Where Does West Virginia Rank in Terms of Dangerous Drivers?

SPONSORED CONTENT A recent study conducted by the insurance giant, Esurance, looked at the states that had the most dangerous drivers. The news is not...

Should Found Money Be Considered Theft?

SPONSORED CONTENT Early in July, motorists traveling along Interstate 285 in Dunwoody, Georgia were treated to treasure. The doors of an armored car swung open,...

It Is Now Easier to Search Criminal Records in Virginia

SPONSORED CONTENT Once someone has been convicted of a crime, or even a traffic offense, they may be sentenced to jail and/or have to pay...

Nebraska Lawmakers Examine Consent Laws

SPONSORED CONTENT The slogan “no means no” may soon change to “yes means yes” in Nebraska. Since March of 2019, the state’s lawmakers have been...