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Bob McDonnell Celebrates Federal Funding


Wait, wasn’t Bob McDonnell supposed to be against stuff like this?

Virginia will receive nearly $59.8 million in federal funding from the United States Department of Education for use in improving some of the Commonwealth’s most consistently underperforming public schools. The funding was announced earlier today by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The money will come from the School Improvement Grants (SIG) program.

Speaking about the funding, Governor McDonnell noted, “I have often stated that a child’s educational opportunities should be determined by her intellect and work ethic, not her zip code. Every child in Virginia deserves the basic opportunity of a quality education. This funding will help allow us to improve and reform schools that have underperformed for far too long. Providing world class educational opportunities for all of Virginia’s children is a bipartisan goal that we are committed to achieving.”

But, but, but…isn’t this “socialism” or something? Isn’t federal funding – or anything by the federal government, for that matter – supposed to be a bad thing? So confusing.

  • So what I think McDonnell is saying is that the Commonwealth of Virginia can’t meet the needs of its own children, so we had to ask the federal government to step and and help.

  • jack

    So how does a State opt out of getting funds from a federal program, AND opt out of paying the taxes that support that particular program?

    So, the federal government takes our money, then (after funnelling it through the inefficient bureaucracy) sends some fraction of it back AND demands to dictate how we run our schools, even though only 5% of Virginia’s school funding comes from the US government.

    Let the States run their own schools with their own money.

  • I’ve learned that when someone says “we should run the government like a business” that the person speaking probably hasn’t spent much time in a private corporation.