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Rename Tax Day: Call it “95% of Americans Celebrate Day”


Teabaggers, listen up.  It’s not usually how you roll, but there is always a first time.  If you pay attention at last, you’re in for a shock. You are celebrating with the wrong side.  The sad thing is you don’t even know it.  Even generally conservative blogs such as Bacon’s Rebellion have it correct.  But not the rest of you.  You should be celebrating that 95% of Americans got a tax break this year.  That’s right, our taxes were cut. And there you go again, carrying on for nothing.  

Both our paychecks were reduced each week and the tables were reduced to allow further savings come tax Day (er, Celebrate with the 95% Day). So, celebrate, unless, that is you care more about the other 5%–or unless you prefer to serve as a useful pawn for Dick Armey, Peter Peterson and the big moneyed interests feeding their astro-turf groups.)

It’s sad, really. Instead of working for your own, most Americans’, and the country’s interest, you work on behalf of Armey and Peterson (and the corporations who love them. What did they ever do for you, really? How does it feel to be ditto-heads in the Dick Armey and Peterson campaign to undermine your own financial security so corporate execs will be even richer.  Is that a cause to believe in?  Is it?

And, no you are not real Tea Partiers.  The original Tea Parties hold little similarity to your groups.  They were not against taxes.  They were opposed to taxation without representation. But what’s a little revisionism?  

I call your attention to another diary on this site here. How’s that for irony guys?  Mickey D. is raising taxes.  And he’s doing it in a very sneaky way.  Kind of a paradigm buster, isn’t it? Obama cut taxes for 95% of Americans.  And Bob McDonnell is going to raise them on the least well off (about the lower half of the economic scale).  WOW!  What a perfect metaphor for the differences between the two parties!.  


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