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Jim Moran on Bob McDonnell’s Omissions of Slavery: “Of course it was intentional”


Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) says:

Of course it was intentional. The last two predecessors, who were Democrats, didn’t issue such a proclamation. The previous governor did, but he offered slavery as something that we should not be proud of. This guy doesn’t mention slavery because he doesn’t want to imply that he’s not proud of it.

UPDATE: More from Jim Moran (and Doug Wilder) on Confederate History Month after the “flip.”

  • pvogel

    Of course. Gov Bob is worse than racist… he panders to them.

    Its a shame that the republican party has become such a stinky place. We deserve an honest debate   but i think the republicans have just given up

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The best thing McDonnell could be is coward, afraid to upset the worst of his “base.”

  • Tom

    I have no doubt that Gov. Bob has calculated that the Proclamation will have long since faded from media attention to the point that not even thinking voters will remember the problem and the Palin Machine will have the 2012 GOP nomination and Bobby Boy will be her “balanced ticket” false moderate and Southerner boost him as her choice of a VP running mate as a done deal.

    Even if the RNC somehow comes to its senses for a few microseconds and doesn’t nominate Palin, by 2012 Bobby Boy will say he inherited the Va. economic disaster from Kaine and Warner,  and then take credit for the economic recovery and job growth in Va. that the President’s Stimulus Act and Jobs Act, and his Administration’s  policies,  have produced.

    This Governor makes no decision and no public statement without having first calculated the immediate and longer term impact on his political ambitions. In this case, I fear his calculations may be accurate, with one qualification: When and if he is nominated for a Federal office, whether it is VP or U.S. Senate, he has provided the documented evidence in his his own words that we can use against him.


  • The only people who care about Palin at all are the Tea Party folks and the media. The vast bulk of the Republican Party isn’t going to let Palin come anywhere near the nomination.

    If the Governor makes no decision and no public statement without calculating the impact, then he’s doing a pretty poor job of it, given the number of gaffes you guys claim he makes.

    He apparently can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, but that’s just a coy act to camouflage is master plan for being elected President, Senator or whatever.

    I wish you guys would leave the tin-foil hats at home once in a while.