Perriello Outraises Entire 5th CD Republican Field 3:1


    In the 5th CD fundraising race, this tweet by John Cosgriff pretty much sums it all up.

    Perriello outraised the entire GOP field 3:1

    To summarize, Perriello actually raised – as opposed to loaned or gave himself – $586,938 in 1Q10, compared to: $101,110 for Robert Hurt; $31,124 for Laurence Verga; $29,556 for Michael McPadden; $19,305 for Ken Boyd; and $13,750 for James McKelvey.  That’s $586,988 for Perriello to $194,845 for all the Republicans reporting (note that Ron Ferrin and Feda Morton have not reported electronically yet) — a 3:1 Perriello advantage.

    So much, by the way, for the theory that Perriello’s courageous votes for clean energy and health care have hurt him as a candidate; in fact, they seem to be helping him in terms of fundraising, while his Republican (and possible third party) opponents struggle. Maybe there is some justice in the world after all…

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Rep. Perriello is a much stronger candidate than the GOP gives him credit for being. He has worked diligently to represent all of the 5th District. There should be few people (outside of the hardcore GOPers) betting on him to lose in November.

      After all, the Tea Pots feel that Robert Hurt is too liberal. Their primary just may weaken Hurt…or, best case for us Dems, give a win to one of the far-right people in the primary.

      Either way, Tom Perriello is a mighty fine congressman. He deserves to be re-elected, and I hope all will do what they can to see that happen.