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Rating Bob McDonnell’s First 90 Days


This poll isn’t scientific, but it’s interesting nonetheless: 47% say that Bob McDonnell is “Failing – He’s embarassing Virginia with gay discrimination, Confederate History Month and lawsuits against the federal government.” Only 38% given him an “excellent” grade, with another 10% giving him a “good” rating, 3% saying his performance has been “fair,” and 2% “poor.” What I find most interesting about this poll is how utterly polarizing Bob McDonnell has been, with 85% of votes on either extreme – “A” or “F”.  That’s a bit surprising, given that McDonnell ran his 2009 gubernatorial campaign in a disciplined manner as a “moderate,” a “suburban soccer dad” focused on “jobs jobs jobs.” Now, his governorship has become one hot-button issue after another, with no end in sight. What happened? Did he have a key advisor (or advisors) on the campaign that he doesn’t have in the Governor’s mansion?  What happened to the disciplined, if fundamentally dishonest, Bob McDonnell, we saw in 2009?

  • Peter 2010

    Freed from the need to be re-elected in 2013 (since Virginia law bars that), McDonnell is now liberated to be the person whom he revealed to us in his thesis: a paternalistic, white male authority figure who wants to recreate a 1950’s value system in 2010’s Virginia. All of the outrages we have decried since he took office (the failure to include sexual orientation in his anti-discrimination executive order, the original Confederate History month proclamation, and the essay requirement for the restoratation of ex-felon’s voting rights) fit easily and comfortably within the value system for which McDonnell advocated in his thesis. This is the real Bob McDonnell.

  • Keith

    I find the most interesting thing about this poll is that most of the people responding to the poll were partisan – which really isn’t very interesting or surprising.  This proves to me that partisan activists are much more likely to want to respond to this type of unscientific poll than the casual observer.  Liberal Democrats gave Bob an F and Conservative Republicans gave Bob an A.  I do not agree that somehow this shows that Bob is polarizing.  It just shows that partisan activists vote their beliefs.

  • VA Blogger

    As the blogs and many Democrats in the General Assembly have demonstrated, they remain as they always were in campaign mode, and deeply invested in opposing McDonnell at every turn. Which means that there is no way you’d get a Democratic activist to vote anything but “Failing”, even if it would be a dishonest vote.

    A much better gauge of how the public (the actual public, and not whoever clicked on or was linked to the DP’s poll page) is through public opinion surveys; namely, approval ratings. According to the only poll I’m aware of, McDonnell’s approval is at 65%.  

  • somethingblue

    This is even sillier than most internet polls. Not only is it likely to attract disproportionately A’s and F’s (like all such polls), but trying to pre-analyze voters’ reasons is just inane. What about people who’d give him an A because they’re in favor of anti-gay discrimination? Or an F because they don’t want offshore drilling? Or a C because they liked the Confederate History proclamation but were annoyed at him for walking it back?

    Also, there is no “pie” option.

  • Otter

    …why waste your time, my time, and the basically free bandwidth to post it.  Go back and dig up soemthing interesting.

  • TomPaine

    Considering the type of new posters you have acquired since Brian was banned, whether deliberate or not, Brian seems to be getting his revenge!