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Rating Bob McDonnell’s First 90 Days


This poll isn’t scientific, but it’s interesting nonetheless: 47% say that Bob McDonnell is “Failing – He’s embarassing Virginia with gay discrimination, Confederate History Month and lawsuits against the federal government.” Only 38% given him an “excellent” grade, with another 10% giving him a “good” rating, 3% saying his performance has been “fair,” and 2% “poor.” What I find most interesting about this poll is how utterly polarizing Bob McDonnell has been, with 85% of votes on either extreme – “A” or “F”.  That’s a bit surprising, given that McDonnell ran his 2009 gubernatorial campaign in a disciplined manner as a “moderate,” a “suburban soccer dad” focused on “jobs jobs jobs.” Now, his governorship has become one hot-button issue after another, with no end in sight. What happened? Did he have a key advisor (or advisors) on the campaign that he doesn’t have in the Governor’s mansion?  What happened to the disciplined, if fundamentally dishonest, Bob McDonnell, we saw in 2009?


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