Video From “Open Carry”/Anti-Government Protest at Fort Hunt


    Thanks to Cliff Schecter and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence for this video from the “open carry”/anti-government event at Fort Hunt earlier today. Note the interview at the end where “featured speaker” Mike “Break their windows” Vanderboegh says there could be “more Ruby Ridges” and “more Wacos.”  What I really want to know is, in what conceivable way have people like Mr. Vanderboegh been “pushed farther back” by the government? Was it the increased gun rights or the lower taxes that were the final straw for these guys? Hmmmm.

    UPDATE: Also, check this ad, an “open letter to Senators Webb & Warner from families of Virginia Tech victims & survivors.”

    UPDATE #2: The Washington Post reports, Mark Warner is “noncommittal” on closing the “gun show loophole,” while Jim Webb “came out firmly behind requiring background checks of all purchases at gun shows” (according to Lori Haas, whose daughter was wounded in the Virginia Tech shootings).

    • Tom

      How could any Dem. possibly be “noncommital” on closing such a huge and dangerous loophole ? Does this man not think for himself at all ? It’s one thing to pretend that he loves NASCAR races, but why on earth is Warner pandering to the damn NRA pro-guns/anti-police and pro-violence freaks ? Does he know he is doing what the GOP wants, and that is to help them make him a one-term Senator ?

      Please tell me I have misread this post.


    • The Donkey

      The requirement for background checks for all private sales at gun shows is a huge non-issue. Such sales are not a significant conduits to criminal uses of guns. The gun show loophole bills are solutions in search of a problem.

    • LAS

      I live quite close to Fort Hunt, so I went over and checked it out. Pretty lame, especially for all the concern and worry they caused. There were perhaps 2 dozen supporters there. Lots of police and some press. The attempt at intimidation was pathetic.

      There was a little more action at Gravelly Point (perhaps 50 supporter) but the press coverage was unreal. EVERYBODY was there–CNN, all the major channels (including local Fox) and newspapers. There were perhaps two journalists for every participant. Seriously. Remember that first war protest (before the war started)? We had thousands of people and didn’t see a single camera. I guess we know what it takes to get attention.

      I think we need to understand that these guys are not just about gun rights–they are right wing teabaggers with guns. Judging by their websites, they are just itching for a chance to use them.  

      BTW, the irony of being at a National Park (paid for by federal taxes) and Vanderboegh being a “welfare queen” (our hateful American government provides him with a disability check each month, because he is “unable to work”) was lost of these guys.  

      • jack

        …if there are so many licensed dealers at gunshows, why you can’t just get them to do an instant background check for a fixed fee of $10 for private transactions.