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President Obama Nominates Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court


I don’t agree with Elena Kagan on everything, but I have no question as to her qualifications for the Supreme Court. I’m still thinking through my views on this nomination, but for now, I’d recommend that you read “Why Kagan Makes Sense: Citizens United”, “Myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination” and “Elena Kagan’s Goldman Sachs ‘Connection'”. Also, for a dissenting view from the left, see Glenn Greenwald’s “The latest on Elena Kagan”. Finally, keep in mind that Kagan was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Solicitor General by a 61-31 vote on March 19, 2009.

UPDATE: First reactions to Kagan’s nomination.

UPDATE #2: Mark Warner’s office issues a statement.

I believe the President has made a solid choice in nominating Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. I first met her when she served as the dean of Harvard Law School, and she is very highly regarded across the ideological spectrum for her impressive background in government service and her strong academic and legal credentials. Last year, the Senate voted to confirm Elena Kagan to serve as Solicitor General, and I look forward to prompt Senate consideration of her nomination to the Supreme Court.

UPDATE #3: It looks like the RNC, under the inspired leadership of Michael Steele, has decided to attack Elena Kagan for opposing/criticizing slavery. Or something. For more on the RNC’s “thinking” regarding this attack, see here.

  • leedynamo

    Why should I read something from “Citizens United?”  Those scumbags have been throwing mud in American politics for over 20 years.  Glenn Greenwald maybe a smart lawyer, but he never bothered to learn much about American politics.

  • jack

    The Framers knew that, and therefore put in methods for its amendment.  The problems come when those who view the Constitution in its current form as defective and, rather than trying to amend it, simply ignore it.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    The Republicans really, really need to get a little more clever with the dog whistling.  I know that most of their supporters have shit for brains, but this has got to be one of the silliest attacks ever.  Let’s see how long it takes Steele to start backtracking on this one.

  • I think Warner’s office put it well — she’s a solid pick.  Not an inspired one, and not one that is likely to cause too many ripples.  If I’m not terribly excited about the pick, I’m also not worried.  (Given my temperament, I’d rather be excited and a little worried, but that’s me.)

  • Brian

    This would be Robert Bork and Ken Starr. Only Starr served as a judge, according to the wikipedia entry on Kagan.  So in other words, its like John McCain arguing that he has more experience than Obama,then he picks Sarah Palin,and the argument has been nullified.We only have Republicans to cite as precedent for Kagan’s advancement to the Supreme Court.  I still want to know more about her though.