• The Richmonder

    Because the mind is a terrible thing.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Massachusetts, the place where I have family members, missed one little thing under the Romney/Heritage Foundation universal health care plan. They failed to consider how to contain costs. They now have to address that mistake, and under Democratic leadership are doing just that.

    Fortunately, the Democrats in Congress and President Obama learned from Romney’s mistake and incorporated ways to contain costs.

    Now, George Allen is another story. He’s simply hopeless. Poor boy can’t understand anything having to do with money.

  • libra

    Allen probably still thinks he’s an up-and-coming “presidential material”. He’s “presidential timber” only in so far that he’s dumb as a post but, given the direction the Repubs are swirling to, he might even have some basis for that idea.

    Meanwhile, Romney has been winning a lot of polls at various “conservative” gatherings, indicating that his chances might be better this time around than they had been in ’08. So, Allen is trying to preemptively undercut the competition. No mystery there.

  • kindler

    …this one must be considered a roaring success!