Perriello Campaign on Robert Hurt: “This is pitiful”


    This truly is pitiful.

    Five days after his statement appeared in print that he would “absolutely” be willing to appear in debates with both Tom Perriello and independent candidate Jeff Clark, Sen. Robert Hurt is changing his story. He is now refusing to debate with the independent candidate.


    This is pitiful. Virginians hate career politicians who say one thing and do another. Sen. Hurt should stay true to his word and debate Mr. Perriello and Mr. Clark. Sen. Hurt could not get the majority support of his own party and now wants to silence independent voices that reflect many in this district, including many views of the Tea Party,” said Lise Clavel, campaign manager for the Perriello campaign. “Tom Perriello faced hundreds of Tea Party constituents during his 21 town hall meetings last summer. If Sen. Hurt wants this job so badly, why is he afraid to face just one?

    Good question, but I’m sure Hurt’s puppet master, Chris “Swift Boat” LaCivita, has a good answer. Or not.

    • DCCyclone

      Not enough attention given to individual House races to score points on a daily or even weekly basis, at least not this far out, but that’s a point for Tom right there.  The press release was perfect in content and tone, I hadn’t even thought of the tie-in to Perriello’s endless townhalls which is a great connection.

      I really hope Tom finds a way to pull this out.