• DCCyclone

    …as the election gets closer.

    Conservatives are going to show up united for Republican nominees in November.  It doesn’t matter what they say now, what’s said now is just venting.  It’s no different from Hillary supporters’ venting this time 2 years ago.  When an election gets close and you’re forced to realize what the choices really are and what the consequences of the opposite party actually winning, you fall in line.  They’ll do that.

    I don’t diss the highlighting of Republican division at all, because sometimes there really isn’t healing.  Don Cazayoux couldn’t keep a liberal indy from costing him his seat in 2008 in his Baton Rouge-based district.  It happens.

    But it’s going to take serious hostility toward Hurt that I just don’t see in the picture.  These competing candidates might be mad, but that doesn’t mean their primary voters are mad, or at least mad enough to reject the legitimacy of the primary’s outcome.