Another Crazy Appointment by Bob McDonnell: Nancy Pfotenhauer


    Another day, another crazy/stupid/politically tone deapf appointment by Bob McDonnell, pfollowing on the heels of his appointments of corrupt “Jew counter” Pfred Malek and massive conflict-of-interest guy Bob Sledd. Now, it’s our old pfriend, former McCain gaffesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer, who believes that Northern Virginia – the economic and demographic engine of the state – isn’t a “real” part of Virginia.  Now, as a reward for not believing Northern Virginia is “real Virginia,” McDonnell has appointed Pfotenhauer to “the governing board of the largest University in ‘Fake Virginia'” – George Mason University!  As Ben says, although I’d spell it differently, “What the Pfuck?”  Another day in the not-ready-for-prime-time administration.

    h/t: Not Larry Sabato

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      Can anyone tell me what qualifications this bimbo has for a job overseeing an important educational institution? Afterall, she didn’t graduate from any of the great educational institutions of the real Commonwealth of Virginia like Regent University or Liberty, or did she?

    • GMU already has Scott Martin, Associate Dean for Technology and Research, running against State Senator George Barker (D-39) next year.  (He runs the Computer Game Design program, which is good for us because gamers never vote.)

      Pfotenhauer said she lives in Oakton.  Will we have the pleasure of seeing her get defeated by Mark Keam or Chap Petersen in the future?