Another Crazy Appointment by Bob McDonnell: Nancy Pfotenhauer


    Another day, another crazy/stupid/politically tone deapf appointment by Bob McDonnell, pfollowing on the heels of his appointments of corrupt “Jew counter” Pfred Malek and massive conflict-of-interest guy Bob Sledd. Now, it’s our old pfriend, former McCain gaffesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer, who believes that Northern Virginia – the economic and demographic engine of the state – isn’t a “real” part of Virginia.  Now, as a reward for not believing Northern Virginia is “real Virginia,” McDonnell has appointed Pfotenhauer to “the governing board of the largest University in ‘Fake Virginia'” – George Mason University!  As Ben says, although I’d spell it differently, “What the Pfuck?”  Another day in the not-ready-for-prime-time administration.

    h/t: Not Larry Sabato