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Virginia NAACP: Jim Webb and Rand Paul “are kith and kin”


I’m pretty much speechless over this tirade letter, from the Executive Director of the Virginia NAACP, about Jim Webb and his Wall Street Journal op-ed on affirmative action. Read the NAACP’s Executive Director’s letter for yourself.

…Your opponent then and coming George Allen would not have had the gall to write about the “myth of white privilege” even though I am sure he feels that way. In African culture, it is said, when people show & tell you who they are. Believe them!” Your written word has spoken volumes for your belief system.

It appears that you and U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul are kith and kin. Do you really believe that affirmative action has hurt white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants or are you pandering to the divisive, conservative, Tea Bagger types whose votes you will need in 2012? The true beneficiaries of affirmative action programs are white, Anglo-Saxon women…overwhelmingly. If a white, republican, ultra-right winger, or Rush, Beck or O’Reilly had written or spoken it, the world would have known about it…

You have given cover & solace to those “who want to take their country back (from whom?), who want to reload not regroup, who think it is ok to spit on and use racial epithets against African members of the House of Representatives…

Rand Paul? George Allen? “Rush, Beck or O’Reilly?” Ee gads.

h/t: NLS

  • Jim Webb Dem

    This guy seems a likely candidate for the New Black Panther Party. Look for him to appear on Fox News in the near future.  

    I mean come on … Webb poses an argument essentially about the poor (with race being a factor in different ways) … Webb argues for fair treatment of everyone and exposes conditions that undermine that.

    My personal disappointment with the Virginia NAACP comes from their puppet stance in sticking up for the Omega Protein Menhaden Reduction Plant out on the Northern Neck. They argue for jobs …. jobs that seriously impact the Cheaspeake (and East Coast waters) at the hands of some oily fishy corporate types.

    My conclusion …. they’ll say anything to advance a narrow cause. Be interesting to know how this guy got elected to his post.

  • antonio_m_elias

    And I don’t know the Senator personally, but something tells me he would punch a teabagger in the face if he saw them spitting on a member of Congress, especially if it were based on race.

    Also did that guy just say “African members of the House of Representatives”!?  I didn’t know there were any!

  • blue bronc

    I am still trying to figure out why he even stepped into the mud on this in the first place, especially at this time.  And then to turn out something that is going to bring attacks from many sides.  

  • Mike1987

    The sniveling by self important white boys is getting out of hand. America had 300 years to oppress blacks and only 45 years currently to reverse the deeply ingrained intuitional “racial preferences” and you cry uncle and enough. Tough. Suck it in and man up.

    It’s hard to understand Webb with the hood, he really should take it off when whining.

  • Teddy Goodson

    where Webb, some time before running for election to the US Senate, described the culture of the Appalachian Scotch Irish, who have spread out across the countryside, that is the poor,(originally) rural, often-called redneck culture, in fact. He made the excellent  point that the African-American and the rural poor whites of the South had much in common economically, but had been artfully kept apart by the Southern white elite. This point can readily be confirmed by any acute observer. He then went on to say that that politician who could bring these two together would create a mighty political power.

    I believe this op-ed is his opening gun in trying to do that, and it would seem that both parties (African-American and poor white) are too locked into their own tunnel vision to recognize what a great opportunity this is for both them and the Democratic political party.The NAACP is in some ways every bit as barnacle-encrusted as the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.

    IF Webb could bring this off it would utterly destroy the famouse Southern Strategy of the GOP.

  • Jim Webb Dem

    I’ll provide you an example… I know from personal experience. I worked for a company run by a “dark” skin man who came from India, studied engineering … studied some more … got an advanced degree and started a business doing “studies” for the US Air Force.

    He built up his business with the help of “minority status” small business set aside provisions in federal contracting laws. Why should he get any preferences at all?

    A beautiful genteel man for sure …. but why should he get any preferences as an immigrant??

    That’s a central point in Webb’s piece …. worth writing and talking about. Many of the commentators here need to learn nuance and tact when expressing themselves.

    Webb’s the real deal.

  • libra

    as really “funny” is that, shorn of an imprecise/clumsy word/phrase here and there… when you think about it… both Sherrod and Webb are expressing the same idea: long term, it’s not the colour of your skin that matters; it’s what’s in your pocket/bank account…

  • leedynamo

    Unlike Mr. Khalfani, I read the article in the Journal.  I think it was a mistake for Senator Webb to allow the Journal to give the article such a totally idiotic title.

    I called the NAACP to tell them what is in the article.

    The information about Mr. Khalfani on the state NAACP website is revealing.

    • should get any preferences at all. It’s ridiculous that he’s considered a “minority” for this purpose; among other reasons, it unfairly gives programs for people who REALLY need the help a bad name!