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Bob McDonnell’s Mentor on the Prop 8 Ruling


Does Pat Robertson’s Manchurian candidate governor (aka, “Bob McDonnell”) agree or disagree with his mentor (aka, “Pat Robertson”) on this? Maybe NLS can ask him while he’s surveying the General Assembly on whether or not they support gay marriage. Heh.

  • Dan Sullivan

    because prayers would yield a just outcome.

  • antonio_m_elias

    I’ll make sure to ask my Gay friends that I see at Sunday Mass if they’re only there to infiltrate “the Church” from the inside in order to destroy it!

  • blue bronc

    The question I ask my LGBT friends is why they stay in the Western European paternalistic religions when they are not wanted and in many cases persecuted. Many tell me it is because they were raised Catholic or whatever. Others have no answer that is tangible, but they feel the need to have an anchor in some religion. But only one of them has admitted to being a in a cult like his. That person had been a follower of Dobson and Focus on the Family (what a lie that is). She was hoping that the Dobson cult would turn her back to “normal” – the classic “pray the gay away” stuff.

    But, in Crazy Pat’s world there can be no people other than those made up in his mold. What a horrible life he leads. I happened to be channel surfing a few years ago and accidentally stopped on his freaky program. It was when he was “praying” for the Justices of the Supreme Court of the U.S. to die.  And he was not “praying” for them to die of natural causes.

     He and his followers are dangerous, just as Beck and his followers are dangerous. Hopefully the current crop of teabaggers will open the eyes of a few independents to what has become of the Republican party. It is now a cult.

    But, getting back to Crazy Pat. As long as he delivers his spiel of cowsht I will know the TV preacher world is still alive and fleecing those who should know better.