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Donald McEachin: “Anita, I am not running for Governor.”


So much for this story, by the Washington Post’s Anita Kumar, claiming that State Senator Donald McEachin “is considering running for statewide office in 2013.” Here’s McEachin’s response:

Anita, I am not running for Governor. As Vice Chair for Outreach for the Democratic Party, I AM campaigning for and energizing Virginans about our Congressional candidates. As a member of State Senate I AM preparing for the upcoming session and next year’s elections by trying to be the best State Senator I can be. There are a myriad of issues to think about and discuss with the people of Virginia. When you see me do these things, please know that I do them with a deep and abiding love for Virginia and her people. Please know that I do these things because the “fierce urgency of now” demands action. Tomorrow, including 2013, will take care of itself.


Anyways…other names mentioned in Kumar’s article include Terry McAuliffe, who’s widely assumed to be running for governor; Chap Petersen, also a possibility for governor, LG or AG; Del. Shannon Valentine, ditto (?); Sen. Mark Herring, for some statewide office (AG?); Del. Steve Shannon, maybe for AG again?; and Brian “For Profit” Moran. I’d also throw Jennifer McClellan in the mix, maybe Mike Signer, Jon Bowerbank, and probably a bunch more.

P.S. Also, on a somewhat related note, check this out – Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate (and U.S. Representative) Artur Davis is moving to Virginia…very interesting.

P.P.S. Of course, Donald would make a superb, progressive candidate for statewide office in 2013 or whenever. As he says, that will “take care of itself.” In the meantime, no matter what he decides to do with his career, we all owe Donald a debt of gratitude for the tremendous work he’s done since January 2010, standing up to the Cucc-insanity, as well as to Bob McDonnell’s phony “moderate” version of Cucc-insanity. Thank you Donald, keep up the great work, and best of luck whatever your future holds!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I really don’t think that Shannon Valentine would expect to move from a short career in the House of Delegates and a loss in 2009 to a statewide run of office. Talk about negative name recognition…


  • GregHabeeb

    I’m certainly no DPVA insider but I would think there would be a lot of folks pushing Perriello to run statewide if he lost a tight race this year.  Depending on redistricting, his road back to the House may be tough and obviously he’s blocked by Webb and Warner from pursuing the Senate.  I’ve always considered him to be better suited for a statewide run rather than a 5th District run anyway.

    Be honest, as political observers, how much fun would it be to watch Cuccinelli v. Perriello?

  • vaambition

    I hope he runs. The only way we win again in Virginia statewide is by having someone articulate our Progressive values. He has and is doing so when alot of other “leaders” are running for cover.  Alot can happen between now and 2013 and I think we need to show him some love and convience him to run.

  • Dan Sullivan

    The exceptions do not make the rule and you know that. How many thousands have been left in deep and unforgivable debt (even in bankruptcy, student loans are not discharged) with nothing more than a rude lesson in the “free” market?