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Tea Partiers Coming to “Communist Country” This Weekend?


Will Glenn Beck’s and Sarah Palin’s fellow “Restoring Honor” ralliers – aka, “Tea Partiers” – be coming to “Communist Country” – aka, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax – this weekend? It sure looks like it!

This weekend, as many as 300,000 conservatives from across the country will flock to the DC area to attend Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Many of the Tea Party activists who will be attending Saturday’s non-political event be staying at hotels in Arlington, so it’s important that they know the best places to eat! As such, we’ve compiled a guide to everybody’s favorite non-partisan food: pizza.

Thanks to the Maine Tea Party’s advice to members for navigating the multicultural environs of the greater Washington area, we have a pretty good idea of what Tea Partiers like. So, without further adieu, here are the top five places to go for pizza in Arlington (and none of them are on the dreaded Yellow Line!).

They do realize this is “Communist Country”, right? Perhaps they should stay in DC after all! LOL

P.S. It’s not “real Virginia”, either.

  • blue bronc

    The National Urban League is meeting to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Speech. Reclaim The Dream August 28 11am at Dunbar High School, 1301 New Jersey Avenue NW.

  • blue bronc

    I bet they will clog the stations at 9pm trying to escape the non-white people.

    This is hilarious – So you are coming to the 8/28 Glenn Beck March on Washington?

    At least they mention Dupont Circle.  I may need to make a special trip there Saturday night after the Reclaim the Dream March.

  • Dan Sullivan

    From the linked website article:

    Comment by Roger Ek 1 day ago Great stuff. I was in DC to visit our two senators in 1998. I asked them not to support CARA and Kyoto because they are huge job killers in Maine. CARA is known as the Confiscation And Relocation Act.

    While I was there I stayed in a cheap hotel and had the window open. I was on the third floor. I called home and while I was on the phone there was a burst of 9MM automatic weapons fire in the street. My wife said it was pretty loud and was that the TV? I told her it wasn’t the TV. It was live in the street in Washington, DC, which is more dangerous than Baghdad.

    Right, in 1998 he referenced a “dangerous” Baghdad in a phone conversation with his wife. And he could distinguish 9mm gunfire through the open window of his cheap hotel room.

    You can’t make this stuff up…in 1998 I was living in Bahrain and no one at that time even in the midst of the environment would have thought of using Baghdad for such a comparison. And that’s one heck of an ear for weapons reports.

  • jack hughes

    Given all the other advice the Maine blogger offers, his suggestion to stay at the “interstate” hotels along Richmond Hwy (Route 1!) in Alexandria and Fairfax is priceless.

    But seriously, the opinionated travel guide is particularly curious to me because when I travel (and I count 40 states [and territories] and a dozen countries under my belt), I enjoy the sense of discovery — and trust my gut in terms of safety.

    Sad for folks who live in fear.