Photos: Al Gore Campaigns for Jim Moran


    A few photos, courtesy of Sue Langley and Drew Kleibrink, of the Al Gore fundraiser for Jim Moran, held earlier today in Reston, Virginia. If only Gore had been president instead of Dubya, imagine how much better we’d all be today?  Another example of how elections have consequences and of why we need to get out and vote!

    • averageguy

      Is intellectually dishonest. With no real idea of what he would have actually done, we can only think we’d be better off.

      With as much as I can’t stand Al Gore, it is my opinion that we would have been better off with a Republican majority in Congress, and Gore, than we are now. Only because Gore is shilling for the environmental psychopaths, rather than the bankers. At least I don’t know if he was lock step with every other president since Kennedy.  

      We would have avoided war in Iraq as well, saving a lot of our money.  

      We were all better off during the 90s, but let’s not be hazy about that presidency. We had embarrassment the world over. We suffered 3 terrorist attacks, and a possible fourth that may have been kept quiet.  We had a man swear allegiance to a global body, without concern for our Constitution. We had a 5 fold increase in border violence and illegal border crossings. Simple facts, our laws and securities were trampled on.

      I’d trade that for what we have today, but let’s not be blind about it.