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The Truth Behind GOPhers’ “Small Business” Tax Lie


The liars get more ingenious by the day. They purport that a huge number of “small businesses” will be adversely affected by the Democratic tax plan.  They lie.  Ladies and Gentlemen, America has been scammed by the GOP. Specifically, they are scammed by the nefarious argument of GOPhers and the tax dodging plutocrats among some very large corporations. This is a story about pass-throughs, pretense (and more). And if you missed the original Keith Olbermann piece, this is a really important read and video (above). The first three segments of Olbermann’s show deal with this story.  

Big corporations are pretending to be small businesses.  And, yes, these major corporations would be affected.  But 97% of actual small businesses would not.  But, you know, major corporations are feeling persecuted for being expected to actually pay their fair share.  These poachers under the “small business label” earn 1/2 of the total dollars attributed to “small businesses.”  But they are only 3% of those businesses lumped under the small business label. The question is how do they have the gall to purport that they are small businesses?  They capitalize on a loophole, which determines who is a “small business” based upon how many owners they have.  (Gimme a Break).  How bout a fix to this loophole? But as David Cay Johnson says in the video, it’s much worse than pass-throughs. Johnson takes apart the GOP, argument, so you’ll want to listen to the whole segment.

Here are some of the culprits, including some of the richest companies in the world:


–Koch Industries (yep, that one)

–Chicago Tribune

–Price Waterhouse Coopers

–Fidelity Investments

Watch the video for more examples…

So, the next time you hear more carping and the wah! wah! of the GOP about mean, mean taxes, just tell them you are onto them.  Tell them to perform their patriotic duty and pay their taxes.  Tell them to tell the plutocrats to do their patriotic duty as well. PS, tell the Blue Dogs to knock it off and stop coddling millionaires and billionaires as the GOPhers are doing.


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