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Democrats’ Theme Song This Year?


I actually thought of this cartoon when I saw the new Democratic logo, but then I realized the “U” in Underdog doesn’t have a circle around it. Oh well, it’s still a great cartoon theme song, well worth posting! 🙂

So, seriously, who’s going to be “Underdog” for the Democrats this year?  Given that we’re not getting much of anything – messaging? narrative? strategy? motivation? an effective 50-state program? – from the “top” (DNC, OFA, etc.) – perhaps it will have to be the Democratic grassroots who play the role of Underdog this year and help save the party from the Tea Party Republicans? My god, we’re really screwed. (heh)

P.S. If Tim Kaine thinks the Bell Telephone logo is going to motivate the troops, he is very sadly mistaken!

  • The Donkey

    with an Underdog Super Energy pill.

    That must be what the new democratic logo depicts. . . .

  • kindler

    And yes, it’s the grassroots that has to save the day — wasn’t that the lesson of 2006 and 2008?  It’s also been the lesson on the Repub side this year so far as well.

    Have we forgotten or are we just exhausted?  Either way, we need to put aside our differences and prevent the Tea Party from taking control of America.  Or we may be beyond salvation after that…

  • libra

    about the “free sticker” offer I got from Timid Timmy today? I don’t know anything about “Underdog”, but it woke up all of my “Underwhelmed” feelings.

    I suppose Professor Kaine doesn’t have much time (or energy) left for his second job (his U job was the reason we were given for his non-appearance at the Buena Vista Labor  Day breakfast)…

  • jack russell

    The villain in this case is named “Simon Bar Sinister” – am I the only one, or does this seem anti-Semitic?

  • LittleDavid

    Look, due to the rise of the Tea Party within the Republican party I recently declared Democratic.  Blue Dog Democratic because I am not progressive.

    What I am witnessing on sites like these is an unwillingness to enter into a coalition with moderates.  Due to the leadership of Howard Dean, the Democratic Party successfully reached out to moderate voters and achieved majority.

    But now, instead of supporting the moderate candidates Howard Dean lined up, you are complaining they are not liberal enough.  Haven’t you people ever heard about being in a coalition?  In a coalition not everything goes your way.

    Now, I am going to get specific.  Right here on this website I have heard more complaints then praises for Glenn Nye.  Why not just come out and endorse his Republican opponent because what you are doing is just as destructive.

    With Glenn Nye you get the glass half full unless you are a pessimist.  With his opponent I can assure you your glass will come up empty.