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Democrats’ Theme Song This Year?


I actually thought of this cartoon when I saw the new Democratic logo, but then I realized the “U” in Underdog doesn’t have a circle around it. Oh well, it’s still a great cartoon theme song, well worth posting! 🙂

So, seriously, who’s going to be “Underdog” for the Democrats this year?  Given that we’re not getting much of anything – messaging? narrative? strategy? motivation? an effective 50-state program? – from the “top” (DNC, OFA, etc.) – perhaps it will have to be the Democratic grassroots who play the role of Underdog this year and help save the party from the Tea Party Republicans? My god, we’re really screwed. (heh)

P.S. If Tim Kaine thinks the Bell Telephone logo is going to motivate the troops, he is very sadly mistaken!

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