Beer and Wine Distributors, House Democratic Caucus Oppose McDonnell Booze Privatization Plan


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    The nails in the coffin of Bob McDonnell’s ridiculous liquor privatization plan just got pounded in harder. First, the wine and beer distributors.

    The Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association has joined the wine distributors in opposing Gov. Bob McDonnell’s plan to privatize the state’s liquor system.

    The beer association represents 32 distributors while the Virginia Wine Wholesalers Association, which voted Sept. 7, represents 14. Most members are Virginia-based family businesses.

    Both groups oppose the proposal primarily because small businesses would not be able to afford the licenses, spokesman Jim Babb said.

    Ha, gotta love that! Now, the Democratic House caucus:

    Del. Joe Morrissey set to tell supporters tonight that he and his fellow house democratic caucus leaders will not support ABC privitization.

    …he is their whip.. Confirmed he is on the same page w/ Armstrong and Plum.

    Del. Morrissey serves as the Dem. House Whip. He said tonight that if the Gov. wants this bad enough he should put it up to referendum.

    All this comes on the heels of opposition by Southside Republicans and Virginia religious leaders. In sum, Bob McDonnell’s version of ABC privatization looks deader than a doorknob. Yet another winner for McDonnell; what a governor!


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