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GOP Being Overrun by “Climate Zombies”?


securedownload[1]Over at DailyKos, RL Miller takes a look at a phenomenon infecting the GOP:

This past summer, climate peacocks like Lisa Murkowski succeeded in killing the Kerry-Lieberman bill by preening their sincerely held, beautifully articulated concerns about the horrors of climate while simultaneously refusing to find solutions. Those peacocks are going the way of the polar bear. Instead, climate zombies like Joe Miller mindlessly replicate. If you listen carefully, you can hear them moan: “caaaash!” Or maybe they cry “Kooooch!

Remember when clean air wasn’t a partisan issue? When Republicans like John Warner knew being pro-business didn’t mean letting polluters literally write their own rules? Was that really so long ago?

  • Hugo Estrada

    It used to be that the GOP wouldn’t talk about social security cuts openly. The Tea Party is talking about this, and some politicians have winked at them.

    So, when they have raised the possibility of cutting social security, climate zombies are not surprising.

    In fact, denying climate change is like creationism now: an article of faith that instantly identifies you with a group of people.

  • pabulum spewing? Should we change your name to “The Blue Miles?” Heh.

  • kindler

    Like John Chafee, Claudine Schneider and others.  But corporate power has completely taken over their party and is working to control the rest of the country and world as well.  

    • to write the obvious trash he writes.  What else can explain it?