Video: Jim Moran Demolishes Patrick Murray


    From a recent debate, I love how 8th CD Republican nominee Patrick Murray asks Rep. Jim Moran this meandering, long-winded question, apparently in an attempt to corner him, and how Moran totally takes Murray down. I’d also point out that, whatever other issues I may have with Jim Moran, he responds here exactly how I want progressive Democrats to respond to the noxious pabulum being spewed by so many Republicans this year.  In fact, I’d recommend that other Democratic candidates might want to watch this video and learn a thing or two from Jim Moran.

    • totallynext

      how close he was getting to him….

      Great answer though – call BS when BS is spewing.

    • ladyofthetown

      A lot Republicans cannot see beyond their noses.  Problems we have are long term starting when Bush, appointed by the Supreme Court, became big spender Republican President  and spent, spent, spent, and spent.  He cleaned up our banks and our future.  And now, after Democrats are trying to undo the damage done during the Bush’s years, they start to ask how are we going to solve the mess they left behind.  

    • Fiona Usa

      I, Fiona “Fashionista” Usa, did not watch this debate.  Too busy at Nordstrom’s in Pentagon City buying myself all those politically correct items by which, you know, anyone who looks into my limousine windows would be able to identiy Fiona as not only a fashionista but a liberal.

      Oh, no!  I just let it out!  The “L-word,” the one that Rahm Emanuel used to use to describe people like Fiona. Until his untimely departure he kept spinning as entirely voluntary.

      There is a wonderful Italian word for that, “Bravado.”

      Rahm used to always say that it was “those Liberals” or “those Progressives” who opposed healthcare reform, Rahm Emanuel style.

      Well, Rahm is running for Mayor of Chicago. He thinks no one has ever heard of Jake Arvey in Chicago.  He thinks they think that Mayor Daley was the biggest strongman in Chicago.  Mayor Daley was just a racketeer who provided the muscle for the organized party in power in Chicago.

      Like organized crime, the organized political party in power in Chicago had muscle provided by His Honor but the real eminence grise, as my French friends would say, was a lawyer on LaSalle Street named Jake Arvey.

      Colonel Arvey to you, young fella.

      Well, as your least favorite person in Illinois used to say, “You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

      Who did say that? I believe it was he, and not really Bill Clinton who freed the slaves.  Everybody around here thinks it was Bill Clinton who did it.  But I know my history lessons backwards and forwards and I remember that it wasn’t really Bill Clinton but actually, your favorite person, Lyndon Johnson, who freed the slaves, not Bobby Kenendy as most people were taught in high school.

      I just lOVE Jim Moran. I mean, he thinks the Jews wanted to start the war in Iraq.  For that he got a Jewish guy running against him in the primaries last go around. Or was it the one before that? The Jewish people certainly have a short memory here in Northern Virginia.  They sould take some ginko supplements or something. What do you think?

      If they did, would they remember what Jim Moran said about the Jews and forget to vote for him?

      Jim Moran is so very politically astute, you know. He also accused a little African American kid of beating up on him and trying to steal from him.  No, not Barack Obama, some little kid in Alexandria, although to Jim, Barack Obama would certainly seem to be a little African American boy. I mean  to Jim Moran, Obama must seem like a skinny llitle African American boy as in young and not obese.

      At Jim’s age, just about every African American man would seem to be a baby, not just a boy.

      So much for Jim. He’s certaily loved and lost but I am sure it is better than not to have loved at all.

      There have been three wives.  Have I counted right? One, two three?  At least I thnk it is three wives.  

      Maybe there was a female tucked in there that Fiona just cannot seem to recall.  

      Jim’s motto is he is a man of the people.

      And the corollary to that is,

      “So many people, so little time.” Especially if they happen to be female people.

    • Fiona Usa

      I know Democrats on the Hill who secretly have told me they think Jim Moran is a joke. About the only thing he has been capable of demolishing is his own reputation. Here in Virginia everybody acts like they love Jim but few can say that he has actually done anything for them and at least two wives are mad as hell. Jim Moran is no elder statesman here. He is not, I repeat, not by any means a Franklin Delano Roosevelt or even a Kenny O’Donnell.  

      He is not as significant as you make him out to be.  

      I won’t go into the three wives and all the other things everyone already knows. Those who don’t can go straight to Wikipedia to pick up the threads. Is this a serious statesman? How about his casework?

      Stop creating heroes where they don’t exist. If you want to create a new Democratic party, then stop putting your money on a donkey that keeps putting its hoof into its mouth.