Teams DeLay and Boehner Pull Together for 8th CD Republican Nominee


    Well, isn’t this just lovely?

    [John] McCain is the headline attraction at Monday night’s fundraiser for [Patrick] Murray, a former U.S. Army colonel now mounting a long-shot bid to unseat Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D). The event will be held at the Alexandria home of Susan and David Hirschmann. Susan Hirschmann is a lobbyist with Williams & Jensen who served as top aide to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) when DeLay was House Majority Whip, while David Hirschmann is a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    The host committee also includes Charlie Black, a former McCain presidential campaign adviser and head of the lobbying form Prime Policy Group; Altria lobbyist Bruce Gates and his wife Joyce Gates, a former chief of staff to current House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)

    If you need a reminder of what an corrupt slimeball Tom DeLay was, click here. As for John BONEr, see here for how he is “tightly bound to lobbyists.” And Patrick Murray seriously thinks this is going to play in liberal, good-government Arlington and Alexandria?  I mean, hell, why don’t Republicans just nominate Tom DeLay himself, the guy lives in Alexandria after all?

    P.S. In stark contrast, Jim Moran is having a fundraiser with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      run Tom Delay? I’m surprised they haven’t. After all, in the Republican authoritarian world view, if you have ever held power (through election, theft, or inheritance) you are annointed, and can do no wrong. Any mistakes or difficulties are the fault of underlings, not the fault of the one in power—- see how nobody in a top position ever suffered for torture, for example. Besides, Tom Delay is so charming. He dances well, too….

    • libra

      is palling around with Nobel laureates? How elitist! 🙂

    • Fiona Usa

      Tom Delay should just go home.  Some people should just retire from public life, you know that?  I mean the Democrats have had a few of those, too. They just have not been so up front about it.  

      For the Democrats this would be like having Walter Jenkins host a fundraiser for Mayor Daley in Chicago in 1968 or something.

      Most Congressman never did a thing for gay people until a photo op happened to come along and a poll in their district said lots of parents of gay people did not think their sons and daughters were somebody to sit shiva over, if you know what I mean. It’s a Jewish custom where the family acts like this person in their family is actually dead and holds a funeral service and sort of wake.  But of course that would be just one more thing that Jim Moran could say against the Jews.  That they would sit shiva for a gay son. It would be so PC.

      Where am I going with this?

      Oh yes, your favorite person, Al Gore.  He hosted a fundraiser for Jim Moran.  Wonder what Al’s house in Arlington is listed for?

      Fiona wonders.

      Oh, so environmentally politically correct Arlington.  How beatiful for spacious skies and amber waves of Sam Adams ale in all those bars in Clarendon.

      Need I say anymore? How could anyone doubt that Arlington is the home of politically correct environmentalists if the likes of Al Gore show up at a fundraiser for Jim Moran, foe of coal fired power plants and real good buddy to real estate developers who want to shut down a coal fired power plant on the Potomac River so develpers could use the site for even more $1.7 million townhouses to be purchased by the likes of James Carville.

      Fiona is just so very overwhelmed by all the Celebrties and Legends who live so close by all of us here in Northern Virginia.  Aren’t you just thrilled by how these men of the people live?  

      Fiona is, sad to say, underwhelmed by their sincerity.