Why Mark Warner Wins Elections


    Maybe he’s not the most inspiring speaker. Maybe he doesn’t have the optimal positions on the environment or other issues.  The point is, Mark Warner hustles his butt off, keeps in touch with everyone, nurtures his networks, and wins wins WINS elections (in fairness, he also has a lot of money, but that doesn’t negate all the other things Warner does).  That’s how it’s done, and that’s how it should be done to a large extent.  I remember when I went on his campaign kickoff “flyaround” in 2008, the guy knew peoples’ names, their kids names, their dogs’ names, whatever.  Whatever else you think about Mark Warner, that’s impressive.

    P.S. A highly observant friend of mine points out that one of the newspaper front pages has the headline, “Poll: GOP Ahead.” Perhaps Warner’s staff might have folded that paper a bit differently?  🙂

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Watching Mark Warner work the crowd at the annual Buena Vista Labor Day parade is like a crash course in  Effective Politics 101. He quite literally runs from one side of the street to the other shaking hands, seemingly uber-excited to see each and every person he comes to.

      That man has the knack. (I also feel that his centrist views fit well with Virginia politics –  I readily admit that I am to the left of the average Virginian. He connects with those who call themselves independents.)

      I fully expect him to be a candidate for higher office one day in the not too distant future. Look out 2016.