Home Virginia Politics Jeff Schapiro Demolishes Brian Moran for DPVA Chair

Jeff Schapiro Demolishes Brian Moran for DPVA Chair



UPDATE: I’ve talked to a bunch of people today, and this is sounding more and more like a “done deal.” Brilliant.

  • Dan Sullivan

    in a petty state party.

  • Jim Webb Dem

    You heard it here first …. let’s DRAFT Susan Mariner for DPVA Chair!!

  • johnb


    Never mind that the analysis contained in this political attack piece should be considered flawed at best.

    Never mind the mud slinging against both Chairman Cranwell and Brian Moran’s professions by a “journalist” attacking much more honorable individuals.

    Just consider who’s giving our Democratic party advice a GOP writer for a GOP leaning paper.

    Thanks for the good work Chairman Cranwell.  The DPVA needs proven Democratic leadership for our Commonwealth and Brian Moran would make an excellent choice for Chair.            


  • Paris

    John F. Kennedy had a little brother who amounted to something.  Can the same be said for Jim Moran’s little brother?

    Some people think “Demcorat” is a designer label worn by the First Lady.

    Is it?

    Jim Moran and Brian Moran both sport the Democratic Label.

    A few years ago there was a dress shop owner in Old Town Alexandria who used to design scarves for political purposes.  Frankie Welch was her name and she designed a green and white polyester scarf adorned with green peanuts for those who wanted to wear Frankie Welch scarves during the Jimmy Carter Administation.

    There were lots of ladies sporting the Demcoratic Label in those days.

    Like Vicki Bagley of Vicki Bagley Real Estate, which had offices in Georgetown, everywhere.

    She had the desinger label.

    Post photographers made her look like Olivia Newton-John with soft focus and the proper lighting in the Style section.

    Jimmy Carter.

    Jimmy Carter, Mr. Nice Guy, who said something to the effect that “Life is unfair” and that some would win and some would lose in getting life’s bounty and blessings.

    He seemed to propose nothing to correct that.

    Great guy, Jimmy Carter.

    With Democrats like these, who needs a second party?

    When in fact looking over the accomplishments of the Democratic Congress right before the November elections in 2010, can’t we say we have no second party but one, big greedy, grasping bunch of poseurs who want to take and take and take for themselves to feather their own nests and those of the corporations who sponsor them?

    That my friends is the party of Jimmy Carter. Life is unfair except some have managed to become equal and some are more equal than others.  I believe that “some are more equal than others” comes from the novel, “Animal Farm.”

    I have met people who are too demoralized to vote.  Perhaps they would like to vote for the Green Party or perhaps they would like to vote for the Republican party but fear the designer labels these parties carry.

    Well look at the Democratic Party’s designer label.

    Do you see the party of FDR and possibly, John F. Kennedy?

    Na. you see the party of Jim Moran and you see the party of Rahm Emanuel and you see the party of other people with the right label. What have any of them done for you lately?

    It’s time to look at the people in power and say to them, “Stop asking us to vote for you before you answer my question, ‘What have you done fo me lately?’.”