Sgt. Hurt – He knows nothing!


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    Last night, a reporter for WSLS in Roanoke asked Robert Hurt about the charges that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which had just endorsed him, was using funds raised from foreign corporations to run ads in the Fifth District against Tom Perriello.

    Here is Hurt’s answer:

    I’m not aware of any illegal contributions that they have accepted, and I know nothing about their ad campaign.  That’s something that’s done completely independent of this campaign.

    Hmmm. Lets see. This story was all over the internet and discussed on television. The allegations were the subject of innumerable newspaper articles, and was the specific subject of a charge leveled at him by his opponent, but Robert Hurt knows nothing about it?

    Where have I heard that before?

    Oh yeah:

    • averageguy

      Yeah, that’s Hurt.  1st Amendment, Hurt doesn’t know or care, same for the 5th.

    • VADEM

      that’s his political strategy. Neither confirm or deny. That way he can’t be held accountable for anything. It worked at first but now citizens are growing tired of him not taking any stances that would be good for us instead of the corporations. And Tom has caught up nicely. I don’t know if Tom can win but at least now he stands a chance.