Perriello’s Consolation E-mail to Supporters


    Although Congressman Perriello’s e-mail to his supporters after the election was over has been quoted in part elsewherem, I found it so extraordinary and inspiring, I am putting it up here, for the record:

    Dear Supporters,

    This has been an awesome couple of years and couple of months. I promised you I would have your back against the powerful interests in Washington, and last night, you had mine. Even though we fell short of reelection, we defied the pundits in the roughest of political years. Because I come out of faith-based justice work instead of politics, I can see last night as a victory for conviction and hard work for the idea that when you fight for the people, the people win.

    Consider this. We won Danville, Martinsville, Charlottesville, Albermarle, Prince Edward, Brunswick, Buckingham, and Nelson with stronger than expected turnout. Over 110,000 voters had our back last night. And when you compare us to other races across the state and nation, we dramatically outperformed others in “safer” districts and those where members had either dodged the tough votes or run away from them after. And we did not back away from this President when it would have been convenient, because in politics, I will stand with the problem solvers over the political game players any day.

    1. Look at what else we have won. Because of our work together, we turned near-economic collapse into nine straight months of private sector job growth. Because of our work together, 1,800 homes in our district have been weatherized, putting people to work making $20 an hour. Because of our work together, over 20,000 young people in our district are getting more aid to afford college. Over 120 small business owners got the loans to live their American dream. And being a woman is no longer considered a pre-existing condition in this country. And because of our work together, Medicare is now solvent for a generation and beyond, and I do not believe any party will have the gall to roll that back.

    I wake up this morning inspired by the people-powered, conviction politics we offered and the incredible results it produced. I feel bolstered by a team that understands real change does not happen with one election night victory or end with one loss. We shouldn’t have expected nirvana after our win in 2008 and we shouldn’t expect armageddon now. As I told the crowd last night, my father made me promise when I entered politics that I would always consider Judgement Day more important than election day, because doing what’s right is more important than winning elections. I believe he is smiling on us today, and that he is thankful for all of you who sacrificed so much to offer a better kind of politics in America.



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    • Teddy Goodson

      against the powerful interests in Washington.” I can think of several Democrats in Washington who, unlike Tom, failed to do this, and that is one reason the  Democratic Party ended up with such low grades in the mid-term grading period…. and also, one reason the great populist upheaval, which should have had a natural home in the Democratic Party was allowed to slip under the control of Wall Street and the Republicans, both of which were actually the very institutions against which the populist backlash should have been directed. Instead, we got the Tea Party Express and all the bells and whistles of astroturf, glorified and encouraged by Republican agitprop Fox News , helped by money from the plutocrats.

    • totallynext

      thanks him for his service and told him he welcome @ my home any time!

    • Cool_Arrow

      Tom is a very special politician. He had the second most money spent against him by the US Chamber of Commerce for someone running in the House (Dina Titus from Nevada had $449K and he had $442K spent against him). He had basically a who’s who of special interests that put a hit on him and he fought the good fight. He didn’t back down and wasn’t concerned about his election. He wanted to win but wouldn’t win by skirting responsibility of doing the right thing.

      At any rate Tom should be given some type of Cabinet job by the Administration. I am sure that they would take care of him. I really do hope that he runs for office again soon. Maybe a rematch with Hurt in 2012 depending upon redistricting or a statewide race in 2013 (Attorney General, Governor maybe). This will not be the last time that we have heard Tom’s name.