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Obama Is In a Bubble Inside a Bubble

Speaking at the December breakfast of the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council Friday, 3 December, at the Fairview Marriott, Jeanne Cummings of Politico gave one of her  trenchant, insightful analyses in discussing the mid-term elections, and her estimate of how it will play out heading into 2012. She believes the election was, indeed, all about Obama.  The independents turned against him in huge numbers, mainly because of the stubbornly high unemployment figures (that means, "it's the economy, stupid," although she never said it in so many words), as well as because of the number and size of the rapid-fire changes he and the Democratic Congress delivered.

The public was with Obama on the stimulus, but, beginning in June of 2009, as unemployment stayed in the 10 percent range, they began to complain, "Hey, we spent all this money on the stimulus, but nothing has improved..." Americans, said Ms. Cummings, while dealing with massive job losses, could not at the same time absorb all the changes like health care reform, Wall Street reform, and so on---- it was too much too soon The public, for example, is still convinced that Obama raised their taxes, when in fact the stimulus bill was full of tax cuts. The tax cuts were incremental, gradual, and extended over a period of time, so not only did people never actually notice them, the Democrats never explained  them to the voters. Why, asked Cummings, was the Democratic message never delivered? If this complaint about messaging sounds familiar, it should. Her answer gave some insight into how Washington works (or does not).

Mo Elleithee: “Voters Frustrated With ‘The Establishment'”

Members of the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council heard Mo Elleithee and Michael Gehrke give an analysis of the recent election at their monthly breakfast at the Fairview Marriott on Friday, 12 November. Mo, known to Virginia Democrats from the gubernatorial campaigns of  Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, and now with Hilltop Public Solutions, described the voting on 2 November as a "change election."  The top issue, he said, was obviously the bad economy, for which voters blamed first Wall Street, second former President Bush, and only third Obama---- but they did blame Obama and the Democrats for not doing enough to fix it. Democrats failed to explain what they and Obama were trying to do. According to Mo, the anti-establishment, anti-Washington sentiment is real; Americans are deeply frustrated with their government, which explains the rise of the Tea Party.  

Perriello’s Consolation E-mail to Supporters

Although Congressman Perriello's e-mail to his supporters after the election was over has been quoted in part elsewherem, I found it so extraordinary and inspiring, I am putting it up here, for the record:

Here’s the Change We’ve Been Waiting For!

Attention all Democratic wusses! Hey, Obama! You want to pull off the Mother of All Upsets on 2 November? Give the pundits cardiac arrest? Give the Republicans the shellacking they so "richly" deserve? This is not a pipedream. Here is what you have to do, and it's straight from the mouth of the guy Republicans hate almost as much as they profess to hate Obama, as laid out by Michael Moore. Yes, that Michael Moore.

1- Immediate Wall-to-Wall TV Ads, Internet Videos, and Appearances Hammering Who the H**l Put Us in the Misery We're In. This is necessary because Americans have short memory spans. Moore says "I don't know a single person in Hollywood who wouldn't shoot those spots for you for FREE. Dems: Do not pull a single punch on this.... the public will be astonished that you've found your courage and your spine."

George Allen on the November Elections

George Allen has reactivated his Federal PAC and is throwing support to Virginia Congressional candidates. He believes that best shots for Virginia Republicans are in the 2nd and 5th, but that Fimian and Murray have chances. Nationally, he sees seven, maybe eight pickups in the US Senate; but four certain.

In comments at a Virginia Beach Republican breakfast this past Saturday, Allen indicated he isn't optimistic that the majority Party in the Senate will change this November. He seems to allow that the victories of the tea party favorites in Delaware and Nevada have diminished the chance for a Republican majority and may have allowed the Democrats the Senate votes to act during a lame duck session.

Without Castle as the candidate, he expressed Delaware is probably lost. Had Castle been the candidate, he would likely have won and another Republican would have been seated immediately, under Delaware law. The two other seats that will be filled immediately are Illinois and West Virginia.

Why I am Insulted

By now most of us acknowledge the fact that, however sincere many members of the Tea Party are, and regardless of however many small donations from small voters their candidates receive, the Tea Party is in fact funded by various corporate interests, like the Koch Brothers, often through various cut-outs or patriotically named foundations. Indeed, the whole Tea Party movement has been given significantly favorable reporting by all the corporate media, and one popular TV channel, Fox news, with one of its leading lights, Glen Beck, virtually issues marching orders laying out the agenda and issues for the Tea Party membership.

And what has this corporate money bought for itself, aside from the reality show creation of a boisterous, self-righteous revivalist mob (that pundits desperately treat like a valid political movement operating with a sensible political plan, in an attempt to give it credibility and respect)? The corporate money has bought the selection of several lunatic fringe candidates masquerading as formal Republican candidates----- for example, I  keep receiving fund-raising letters from Sharon Angle in Nevada, who plasters in bold letters across the envelope phrases like "I am the official Republican candidate to defeat Harry Reid."  

Pander to Your Base, Obama

Thomas Georghegan, labor lawyer and author of the recently published book Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? How the European Model can Help You Get a Life has come up with a revolutionary idea for how the Democrats could avoid electoral disaster this November, and  coincidentally save Obama's bacon and the remarkable achievements of his first 18 months in office, not to mention saving the country as well.  Writing for The Nation, and reprinted in AlterNet, Mr. Georghegan suggests that Obama do something for his base.  I assume Georghegan means, quit complaining about "leftists" who are never satisfied, as  Rahm Emanuel did recently, and Do Something For Your Base, something really clear-cut, simple, spectacular, and easily explained, holding however many feet to the fire as necessary, but just, uh, do it. He has some very interesting ideas of what that could be.