Sen. Warner: Comments on MoveOn, Tea Party Were Stated “Inartfully”


    A few minutes ago on NBC 12 “First at Four”, news anchor Ryan Nobles interviewed Sen. Mark Warner. Nobles first question was about Warner’s drawing of an equivalency between MoveOn and the Tea Party, for which he has been heavily criticized by liberal activists. Warner said he stated “inartfully” that if we’re going to get things done, we’re going to need to form a “let’s get stuff done caucus.” Warner added that MoveOn and Tea Party are “different organizations,” both with activists who care deeply and are very passionate. Finding common ground, taking good ideas from both sides is the answer, according to Warner. Substantively, though, no change by Warner, as far as I can tell, and certainly no apology for equating MoveOn and the Teahadists. Amazing.

    On Eric Cantor becoming House Majority Leader, Warner said it’s “always good” when Virginia has elected officials in positions of leadership. Warner said he has a “longstanding relationship” with Cantor, that they’ve worked together on bringing jobs to Virginia, other Virginia interests. Heartwarming, huh?  (barf)

    • K in VA

      He’s using different words, but he still seems to be saying MoveOn and the Tea Party are equivalent.

      Try again, Mark. See if you can make that “D” after your name stand for something.

    • vaambition

      Mark Warner is a radical centrist.  One day he will learn that the only thing in the middle of the road is road kill. He cannot move anywhere nationally because our party is not prepared to nominate someone who is lukewarm on the issues we care about.  He knows this…he is trying to pull us back to center but it wont work.  We are left of center with good reason.  OUR problem is having our progressive values win on a consistent basis here in Virginia.  We will figure it out (hopefully soon)

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Mark Warner is first, last, and foremost a businessman. In return, he is loved by other businessmen. His greatest concern is with business….not workers..not unemployed Americans…

    • martinlomasney

      If not for, there wouldn’t have been nearly enough people to cover the canvass for Connolly in Fairfax, where he picked up 107 votes by finding arithmetic errors made by precinct chiefs the night before, at a time when Connolly’s lead was less than 500.

      There’s no Dick Army type behind pulling the strings and writing checks. No racists signs.  NO guns No stepping on people’s heads.

      They’re not even close to being the same.

      Prince Mark you are a moron.  

      It’s simple.  Apologize.

      No circumlocutions.  No “inartful”

      “I screwed up. I was wrong. I’m sorry”

      Takes 30 seconds.  It won’t hurt, honest.  You’ll feel better and will keep the activists who saved Gerry Connolly’s behind on your side.  

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      inartfully?  Hahahahhaah!  It was by design.  He’s trying to curry favor among Independents and Republicans, Dems be damned (well, maybe except for DLC Dems).

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      Mark Warner will have little, if any support among the progessive activists in his next election. He’s not going to win cuddling up to scumbags like Eric Slantor. Maybe he will primary Barack in 2012, but I don’t think he has the cajones.

      He’s a cooked goose–another example of a $$$$jabibillionaire f—- up in politics.

      Hey Mark, bet you and Meg and Carly could set up a retirement caucus for washed up political bagillionaires.

    • The Richmonder

      He really thinks he’s that popular?

      Oh well, I have better uses for my time than someone who thinks progressive online activists are anything even remotely like the Tea Party.  The comparison is deeply offensive.

    • Mike1987

      He’s pathetic, uninspiring, with zero leadership abilities and apparently no core values he willing to stand up for except his job. Webb is the same. Centerist or not, what are you willing for fight for? What do you think is right and wrong and are you willing to go to the mat? No is the answer.

    • The Richmonder

      Who will be next?

      Tim Kaine?  He’s the same as Michael Steele.

      Barack Obama?  The same as George W. Bush.

      Jimmy Carter?  The same as Ronald Reagan.

      Mark Warner?  The same as George F. Allen.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Mr. Warner get his foot out of his mouth (or wherever) and start defending Democratic values.  How bout NOW?  Retirees are now under siege and Warner takes on his base??????? How ’bout defending Social Security and Medicare by recommending removal of the threshold on income subjected to FICA?  That would take care of most of the short fall.  Simpson wonly propose to take it to 90%.  Yet they want to 1) make people work till they are 69, whether there are jobs or not, 2) literally reduce benefits, 3) and means test.

      How bout saying a big NO to extending Bush’s tax cuts for the rich?  How bout saying no to the Bowles/Simpson magic trick of lowering taxes on corporations and the rich and actually raising them (by removing deductions such as the child credit and mortgage interest) for ordinary Americans.

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      Let’s get somebody in there who really has progressive values!