Sen. Warner: Comments on MoveOn, Tea Party Were Stated “Inartfully”


    A few minutes ago on NBC 12 “First at Four”, news anchor Ryan Nobles interviewed Sen. Mark Warner. Nobles first question was about Warner’s drawing of an equivalency between MoveOn and the Tea Party, for which he has been heavily criticized by liberal activists. Warner said he stated “inartfully” that if we’re going to get things done, we’re going to need to form a “let’s get stuff done caucus.” Warner added that MoveOn and Tea Party are “different organizations,” both with activists who care deeply and are very passionate. Finding common ground, taking good ideas from both sides is the answer, according to Warner. Substantively, though, no change by Warner, as far as I can tell, and certainly no apology for equating MoveOn and the Teahadists. Amazing.

    On Eric Cantor becoming House Majority Leader, Warner said it’s “always good” when Virginia has elected officials in positions of leadership. Warner said he has a “longstanding relationship” with Cantor, that they’ve worked together on bringing jobs to Virginia, other Virginia interests. Heartwarming, huh?  (barf)


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