Stupidest Column Ever in the Kaplan/Washington Post?


    I’m not even going to link to the Washington Post article by Douglas Schoen and Patrick Caddell, it’s so stupid. Instead, I’ll link to this diary, which points out that “Schoen and Caddell are on Fox News’ payroll where they pretend to be democratic strategists on various shows from Hannity to the O’Reilly Factor.”

    You should never expect much from those 2 idiots. But today they reached a new level. In the Washington Post Editorial Page, Ruppert Murdoch’s goons have a friendly advice to President Obama : Don’t  run for re-election if you want GOP to work with you.

    Brilliant, huh? OK, I’ll link to the Washington Kaplan Post piece just for the comments section. A couple good ones:

    *”A new low for The Washington Post. If you are really serious why not call on every Republican up for re-election (including Boehner) to do the same? The same reasoning applies to them does it not.”

    *”How these two can call themselves Democrats is beyond me. I’m convinced at this point that nothing Pres. Obama can do will cause the GOP to cooperate with him on any level, one term promise or no. Despite right-wing protestations to the contrary, he, and other Democrats wasted valuable time during the last two years attempting to reach out to Republicans, only to receive a swift kick in the teeth for their trouble. The GOP has made their decision, and that is to stone-wall for two more years. hoping to stymie any meaningful economic recovery, in an attempt to sweep back into power. Schoen and Caddell are either hopelessly naive, or totally disingenuous. I tend to think the latter.”

    P.S. A poem spring to mind — “Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys [like Schoen and Caddell] go to Jupiter to get more stupider…”

    • Three people I would be more than happy to NEVER hear from again?  Mark Penn, Bob Schrum, and Pat Caddell. Republicans are welcome to them!

    • Teddy Goodson

      are now on the table:

      Bi-partisanship means totally agreeing to everything Republicans want, no matter how ridiculous, or how recently thought up (you know the old saying, “the appetite grows while eating?” that means, the more you give ’em, the more they’ll demand)

      *Cooperation means “I will commit hara-kiri on command”

      Centrism means doing whatever the corporate oligopoly says it means, and that starts with stripping the middle class of any wealth they might still have, while providing free rein to Wall Street

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Good one, Lowell… Amid the heartache and devastation of  Nov 2nd, you still keep us laughing…  We needed that.

    • Cool_Arrow

      The last 2 years have taught us that no matter what positions the Republicsns have traditionally held they will flip flop on them just because it is Obama that would sign the bill. There is no better example than John McCain who basically flip flopped over every single position that he ever held such as immigration, campaign finance, cap and trade and taxes. He even wrote the first 2 of these bills!!!!

      I hope now that Obama learns that he needs to assert himself better and frame the debate as he won’t get any cooperation on just about anything. Waiting on Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins is like asking a girl out and she keeps saying no. You keep thinking that if you phrase it a different way or a different date that she will say yes. You are setting yourself up for rejection. He needs to start pointing out things like Mitch McConnell’s rampant abuse of earmarks (he is #6 in all of Congress) every time he brings up cutting spending.  

    • kindler

      …if the Post featured a selection of progressive opinion that were more than submarginal. Instead, you’ve got so many right wingers like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Robert Kagan, Michael Gerson, Fred Hiatt, Jackson Diehl, Robert Samuelson, etc., etc., squishy “centrists” like David Broder and even Ruth Marcus who so often accept the Repub line and so few progressives worth reading — honestly, EJ Dionne, Harold Meyerson and Dana Milbank are about the only ones I even glance at any more.

      If sell-outs like Schoen and Caddell were not marketed as actual Democratic voices, I might be able to stomach them.  But they’re part of this whole fraud that Teddy just wrote a diary about. If the Repubs ever decided to bomb and invade Democratic HQ and replace it with a puppet regime, you can bet these folks would be among the first to send in their resumes for consideration.  

    • somethingblue

      That’s an awfully high bar. I mean, just in the last month we had Broder arguing that Obama should attack Iran to perk up the economy.

      Yglesias had a post a year or two ago asking people to rank the ten worst WaPo columnists. It was awfully hard to pick just ten, even assuming that Ignatius’s and Hoagland’s columns are written by the same intern, as I’ve long suspected.