Stupidest Column Ever in the Kaplan/Washington Post?


    I’m not even going to link to the Washington Post article by Douglas Schoen and Patrick Caddell, it’s so stupid. Instead, I’ll link to this diary, which points out that “Schoen and Caddell are on Fox News’ payroll where they pretend to be democratic strategists on various shows from Hannity to the O’Reilly Factor.”

    You should never expect much from those 2 idiots. But today they reached a new level. In the Washington Post Editorial Page, Ruppert Murdoch’s goons have a friendly advice to President Obama : Don’t  run for re-election if you want GOP to work with you.

    Brilliant, huh? OK, I’ll link to the Washington Kaplan Post piece just for the comments section. A couple good ones:

    *”A new low for The Washington Post. If you are really serious why not call on every Republican up for re-election (including Boehner) to do the same? The same reasoning applies to them does it not.”

    *”How these two can call themselves Democrats is beyond me. I’m convinced at this point that nothing Pres. Obama can do will cause the GOP to cooperate with him on any level, one term promise or no. Despite right-wing protestations to the contrary, he, and other Democrats wasted valuable time during the last two years attempting to reach out to Republicans, only to receive a swift kick in the teeth for their trouble. The GOP has made their decision, and that is to stone-wall for two more years. hoping to stymie any meaningful economic recovery, in an attempt to sweep back into power. Schoen and Caddell are either hopelessly naive, or totally disingenuous. I tend to think the latter.”

    P.S. A poem spring to mind — “Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys [like Schoen and Caddell] go to Jupiter to get more stupider…”


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