Thank You Theo Stamos!


    If you don’t know Arlington Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos, you’re likely to hear a lot more about her in coming months as she runs to succeed her boss, Richard E. Trodden, who is retiring after a distinguished career (including 17 years as Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney). A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Theo Stamos and was highly impressed. Since then, she’s announced her candidacy for Commonwealth’s Attorney, and received endorsements from pretty much everyone, including Trodden and a slew of Commonwealth’s Attorneys from all over Virginia; Rep. Jim Moran; Arlington Revenue Commissioner Ingrid Morroy; Arlington Treasurer Frank O’Leary; former Democratic Committee chair Peter Rousselot; Delegates Patrick Hope and Bob Brink; several members of the Arlington County Board (Barbara Favola, Mary Hynes, Chris Zimmerman); the Arlington Coalition of Police; and a slew of grassroots activists (Kip Malinosky, Mary Detweiler, Bree Raum, and many many more). Anyway, barring something really weird happening, it looks like Theo Stamos will be Arlington’s next Commonwealth’s Attorney, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s great news.

    In the meantime, here’s what Stamos is up to these days:

    Arlington County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Kendrick had little sympathy for former Marine Jorge Torrez at the convicted rapist’s sentencing today.

    Calling Torrez a “coward,” Kendrick imposed the jury’s recommendation that Torrez serve five consecutive life sentences, plus an additional 168 years in prison. Torrez will also pay a $190,000 fine.


    In her argument before the court today, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos said Torrez is a “predator” who made his victims endure horrifying ordeals. The jury “did the exact right thing” by recommending multiple life sentences, she said.

    Nice job, thank you for the work you do Theo Stamos!

    • DanielK

      Richard Trodden is someone who will go down in Virginia history as one of the most effective prosecutors in Virginia along with Robert Horan and Paul Ebert and many others.  In addition to being an effective Commonwealth Attorney he’s also built a strong office of effective and competent prosecutors and that is evidenced by the success Theo Stamos has had and will have when she is elected.  I personally believe that working with great prosecutors who are above you only makes you better.  It is evidenced with Ray Morrough in Fairfax after Robert Horan retired and clearly another perfect example of this.  Great Commonwealth Attorneys are successful because they can’t do everything themselves and rely on effective Deputy Commonwealths to help and assist them and Theo clearly did that in Arlington during Trodden’s tenure.

      She’s proven with this case and many others I’ve followed out of Arlington that she is well capable of handling the duties and responsibilities of Commonwealth Attorney.  But MOST important in my eyes is that she has the support and trust of the law enforcement community she works with.  If officers and deputies don’t trust who their Commonwealth Attorney is it will lead to problems and that obviously will not be a problem when she is elected.  She clearly has dealt with some of the worst people our society has and knows that the best place for them is in prison for the remainder of their lives.  

      Hopefully her efforts and results in this case will give the victims of these heinous crimes some closure and security as they move on in their lives.