McDonnell Lifts Ban on “Open Carry” in State Parks


    (Thanks to Lori Haas – mother of Virginia Tech massacre survivor, Emily Haas – for this. – promoted by lowkell)

    In a letter dated Jan 14th, Governor McDonnell lifted the ban on the open carry of firearms in Virginia state parks.  Virginia state forests will follow in approximately 45 days according to statements by Tucker Martin, the governor’s press secretary.

    Allowing the open carry of any legal firearm in our state parks and forests is true to form for our Republican Governor, especially one that counted a highly placed NRA executive on his transition team. But, lifting this ban only adds to our state’s reputation as “gun crazy”.  We allow firearms, including the many assault weapons openly carried onto the capitol grounds and into the GAB this past Monday to be carried in too many public places.  Public safety notwithstanding, our state’s tourism dollars could be affected – who wants to take their family camping next to the guy swaggering around the park with his AK-47 boldly strapped to his side.  

    Can you tell me what the good guy or the bad guy looks like?  Should we just ask all good guys to wear yellow hats and all the bad guys to wear red hats, as my friend sarcastically remarked?

    It is already legal to carry concealed handguns in both state parks and forests, should someone feel the need to protect themselves. While the permitting process to carry concealed in Virginia is a joke (an online test with no hands-on training), it at least requires a background check and the weapon would be limited to a handgun.  

    Virginia continues its slide down a very slippery, steep slope to becoming a state where anyone is allowed to carry any  firearm everywhere.  We are beginning to look more and more like the “armed society” the gun lobby is striving for.  

    • totallynext

      I just feel sorry for people who are so freakin scared of

      their own shawdow that they have to walk around with weapons.

      Just silly!

    • blue bronc

      You never know when a crazy squirrel or love sick deer will attack.  Real guys will never allow their pants to be degraded with anything other than doe scent.

      Perhaps, it is time to be prepared in case one of the hee-man types gets trigger happy.  Let’s see – 9mm or 38spl? Or even both!

      I used to live in the West.  It is illegal to ride your horse into most bars.  And, you can’t drink and shoot. In the back country a hand gun can be useful for some things, but those in the know carry a 1/4 stick of dynamite for fishing.

    • Jim B

      This may sound drastic, but will all this gun worship start eliminating some republicans when they lock and load? The rest of us may have to start wearing bullet proof vests.